My Etsy shop Songbirdsnest is open!!!!!!

Hi you guys. Just a heads up today. That I am restocking Songbirdsnest my Etsy shop filled with little vintage treasures

 I have already added quite a few new items and I will be adding more and more all through the week.


Antiques Books with illustrations are vintage treasures found in the Etsy shop Songbirdsnest


It had to be done you know. Me opening up the shop again. Things were getting out of hand…..

Last Saturday the flea market season opened officially. I was there at my favorite first market of the year. I saw lots of lovely things and I kept thinking “I can’t take that home with me, I do not have room for it”. Now that is a serious problem to have. It totally stifled my thrill of the hunt, and we can’t have that, now can we!?

So that is what I am doing, making room for more……


Two antique bisque dolls are vintage treasures found in the Etsy shop Songbirdsnest


I have gathered so many lovely things through the years. Some because I just loved them and they seemed so neglected that I had to save them and give them a new loving home. 


Vintage craft supplies for mixed media art or for scrapbooking are among the vintage treasures from Etsy shop Songbirdsnest


Other items I bought thinking that I would ‘do’ something with them. Like make mixed media art or something. Way too often they just stayed safely hidden somewhere in a drawer. 


Ephemera, books, photographs and collectables are the antique or vintage treasures found in the Etsy shop Songbirdsnest


A few items I bought with the intention to sell them in my shop. Too often I found myself holding on to them myself. I have abandonment issues……


Pretty tins, ephemera and cards in Spring colors are among the vintage treasures found in the Etsy shop Songbirdsnest



But not anymore. My goal for this year is to share my abundance with the world. 

And go to a lot of new Flea markets and stock up 😀

So please feel invited to the grand re-opening of SongbirdsNest. Come have a look around and tell me what you think. If you have anything in particular you are hoping to find, let me know too. Who knows I might just have it lurking in a cupboard somewhere.



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