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VintWelcome to my first Christmas tour this year. Since there are a  number of Christmas home tours I am participating in, I decided to break it up a bit. Today, as a part of Rhoda’s Home for the Holiday’s tour,  I am going to show you Christmas in my craft room. My craft room is my girly-girl version of the man cave. Here I can throw all caution to the wind and indulge on all things vintage, romantic, feminine, froufrou and glittery. I get my ‘fix’ here you might say, or perhaps I should say this is where I overdose on frills so that I am completely happy to keep the rest of the house ‘clean’ and natural (and keep My Love happy too).


The Noel paper banner I made hangs on a really vintage mirror found at my in-laws (where else). The shabby chic vintage mirror is a bit too shabby even for me, especially since someone did a very bad job of trying to fix it. But with lots of stuff hanging on it and in front of it, I think it looks wonderful all the same.


glittered snowmen Christmas craft


I placed the mirror on top of my library cabinet and created a little vignette in front of it. Let’s look at some details.

vintage glitter snowman Christmas craft decoration
This snowman comes from my in-laws too. Nobody wanted to buy it and I wasn’t very interested either. Until all the Christmas decorations started to pop up all over blogland and I got inspired. It didn’t always look like this (go here to see the before look). I changed it more to my style and altered a little box to show him of a bit more. I am loving his sweet smile now and I hope he will bring us a white Christmas this year.

glass cloche filled with tinsel and Christmas balls
The snowman took a little bit of work to make so cute. But this small cloche filled with gold tinsel and small Christmas balls, only took me 20 seconds to make. Very easy, great effect. The sea stars where a summer attempt at glittering them. They didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted them too, but I like them here.

vintage craft project clay snowman
This little snowman was made after a tutorial I followed in Artist Class. It was a tutorial by Dawn of the Feathered nest. He too (or should I say she, since my name is on top of him, I’ll explain another time why that is) got a small altered box to sit on.

silver and gold vintage Christmas decoration center piece
Here is another look at the vignette I am showing off here. The colors are gold, silver and white. I never would have thought that silver and gold go so well together but I am really loving the combination. Let’s take a closer look again, shall we.

vintage Christmas angle in a nest of gold tinsel
This little angel is sitting in a nest of gold tinsel. That idea happened quite by accident. I was looking for a way to make her stand (she is supposed to hang) and came up with a ball of twine to perch her on. And then I had to cover up the twine ball, and so the nest happened as a lucky accident. The attentive observer might have noticed that she is missing a wing. I’ll give her a new set of wings one day, but for now, she’ll just have to stay and sit in  her nest.

vintage Christmas card in mirror
The altered glittered deer is looking at two adorable French children. The deer started his life as a brass and rather plain and ugly one (you can see his before state here). But a little spray paint and some glitter made him sparkle again.

Christmas decorative display in front of vintage French mirror
Here is one last look at my Christmas vignette in my craft room. I showed  a close up of the home-made ornaments that are hanging on the mirror in my
Ornaments party post. And if you want to see some of my early Christmas decorations in my garden you can go here. Oh and of course there is my Ragamuffin wreath
Come back soon for the next episode of my Christmas Home Tours Series. And of course visit Rhoda’s Home for the Holiday’s tour for more beautiful Christmas tours.


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  1. THEA says

    Het begin is er! Leuk he, dat begint altijd in etappes, maar het opruimen moet altijd in een keer,ppppppfffffffff!!!!!(lol)


  2. nannykim/spindlecottage says

    Oh so very pretty!!! The way you transformed the snowman is amazing–he looks so cute and icy now!! Same with the deer–love those two!! I love the angel with the one wing–Please don't fix it!! I think it looks really unique! I like the silver and gold too!

  3. Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents says

    Wow, you have one classy and elegant studio for crafting!! I so love the silver and gold together. The little snowman is adorable and I love that vintage mirror with the banner draped over it!!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  4. fairfieldhouse says

    The vintage vignette is divine — starfish, silver, beads, noel banner and old photographs; a recipe for beauty.

  5. lia says

    Ok, en dit is dus nog maar de zolder, ben benieuwd wat er verder komt. Vind je engel zonder vleugel erg mooi.

    groetjes Lia

  6. Its So Very Cheri says

    I love all your makeovers. Great job. The snowman you made is adorable and I love the glitterry reindeer.
    I signed up to follow and subscribed as well.


  7. Rue says

    Gorgeous! You've inspired me to remake some of the Christmas decor that I don't bring out anymore, because it doesn't work in this house. I am in LOVE with you mirror :)


  8. Bonjade says

    Wat heb je je zolder toch prachtig zeg……
    Dit smaakt naar meer. Je spiegel is ook zo mooi verweerd.
    Ik snap't niet ik volg je wel en toch ben ik hier, volgens mij, al lang niet op bezoek geweest….???
    Ga eens even bijlezen…….

    Maar ik wens je een fijne week

  9. Linda says

    LOVE the VINTAGE look you have going on…looks outstanding! Thanks soooo much for sharing all of your talent with us. Hope you have a FUN day!


  10. Shelia says

    I love seeing all of the sweet vintage girlyness you've created in your special room! Merry Christmas.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  11. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says

    This is so pretty and I love that you decorated a place where you spend a lot of time! I love your snowmen. I have a few myself {and some I still haven't found yet}.

  12. Debra from Bungalow says

    I really enjoyed all your vintage ornaments. They're displayed so nicely. The snowman and the banner are wonderful!
    Stop by for a visit soon.

  13. Karen Valentine says

    The vignette with your snowman is just beautiful. Nice job on him by the way. He's very cute. Thanks for sharing your lovely home.

    My Desert Cottage

  14. The Tablescaper says

    Just adorable. I've got to admit that I've never thought to decorate my craft area (er, closet). I love how you re-crafted things. Very inspriational.

    – The Tablescaper

  15. LiLi M. says

    Heerlijk dat je je hier zo uit kunt leven! Bij mij staat het inmiddels zo stampvol dat er echt geen plaats meer is voor Kerstversieringen. Ik vind je spiegel ook juist mooi! Maar op de foto's zie je geen onhandige restauraties, dat scheelt misschien. De kerstman naar een tutorial van Dawn vind ik geweldig! Ben alweer benieuwd naar je verhaal waarom hij/zij Marianne heet! Geniet van je heerlijke plekje en al je decoraties!

  16. Maya @ Completely Coastal says

    Love the cloche…, I attempted something similar with my Christmas in a Jar, but I think the cloche really brings it up a notch.

  17. FrenchGardenHouse says

    What a beautiful holiday home! En ik kan het allebei lezen, wat dubbel leuk is. I just finished my own Holiday Home posts, please visit…I'm serving French Champagne, but if you bring spekulaas I'll make warme chocolade melk. xoxo Lidy

  18. Kelee Katillac says

    VERY pretty! Lovely to meet you…..

    The sign and vintage items are charming!

    Stop By and Happy Holidays to you!


  19. Linda K. says

    Sure do like your Noel banner and all the silver and gold do go well together. The mirror is beautiful with its silver wearing away. Things that are worn away, tarnished,and weathered carry memories and what they could tell….
    Robin's Egg Blues

  20. Norma Lee @ Norma Lee Good says

    What a beautiful room. I am glad that you made your special room so beautiful…especially since you spend so much time there! THe garland is beautiful. Merry Christmas.

  21. Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality says

    Hi, Marianne, I love all of your beautiful gold & silver decor. Gorgeous! Love the NOEL on the mirror and all of your pretty sparklies. Thanks for joining the party!

  22. The Style Sister says

    Gorgeous!! Just gorgeous..with all the gold and silver and vintage looking things. Great job!

    I am hosting a giveaway on my blog for some Belgian Chocolate. Come on by and enter to win by leaving a comment.


  23. rosabeer says

    Helemaal leuk je kersthuis tot nu toe. Ik had nog wat post te lezen maar het ziet er allemaal zo sfeervol uit.
    Je kerstman vind ik zo leuk geworden, en de krans van lapjes is ook al zo leuk. Misschien niet zo origineel mijn reactie maar wel heel erg gemeend.
    Ik ben benieuwd naar nog meer foto's.
    groetjes en een heel fijne week.

  24. Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents says

    GORGEOUS! I love vintage mirrors and sell them on eBay so of course I'm going to love your vignette using a mirror! I especially adore the silver tray and all the pretty beads and bobbles around it! Thanks for sharing and for inspiring me for this year!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  25. Leslie @ goodbye, house! HELLO, HOME! says

    Especially the tinsel and balls under the cloche! Yum!
    I "stole" your pictures and put them in my Christmas Idea file.
    Hope you don't mind!
    I was inspired by you!
    Hugs and blessings,