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My Winter Mantel Decoration: It ain’t all white

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 Howdie folks, welcome back. How is the new year treating you? I can’t say that I am back in the swing of things yet. I am still longing for lazy days sipping hot chocolate on my couch.

But alas reality is different, work has to be done and obligations need to be fulfilled.

But to make things a bit easier on myself I indulged a bit and bought myself a sweet bouquet of flowers. And guess what?! They ain’t white!

 flower mantel decoration via Songbirdblog 6


The rest of my winter mantel decoration is white though….  😉

But my flowers are sweet and pink and make me so happy I can almost forget that it is yet again raining outside.

So come on in and check out my winter mantel decoration….

white vases pink flowers via Songbirdblog


This is just a bunch of grocery store flowers. Nothing fancy and in fact I consider these carnations to be pretty old fashioned flowers. But what is wrong with a bit of old-fashioned he, I’m no Spring chicken anymore either. 

As you can see my collection of white vases is growing. There are some dollar store vases up there, a silver one that is now spray painted white and a collection of ketchup and sauce bottles that got a spray tan too.


flower mantel decoration via Songbirdblog 2


Oh and I brought the French mirror back in too. This mid winter month I need all the light I can get so a bit of extra reflection is a good thing. 



flower mantel decoration via Songbirdblog 3


Of course I divided up my bouquet of flowers and spread them all out. It is a sickness I think, I don’t seem to be able to keep a bunch of flowers together. Something in me always wants to separate them and then group them together again. What is that do you think? this need for flower diversification? this un-bunching of the bunch? this need to compartmentalize the bouquet? Do you think I need to see a doctor about that? 


If you need more evidence of my insistent need to spread out my flowers look at this pale pink tulips arrangement, or my brightly orange flowers in bottles one, or my summer mantel project from 2011 that was even specifically designed to split up flowers.


A sickness people, I am telling you, I am obsessed……


flower mantel decoration via Songbirdblog 5


Or maybe I just like to separate my flowers because I have an excuse to use more pretty containers? Or maybe it is my mantel subconsciously telling me that it wants a horizontal decoration.

Whatever it is, I like it and I’ll happily embrace my bouquet-splitting madness for many decorations to come.


Especially when my flowers are as hot pink as these….


So what is your post-Christmas decor looking like? Going for a winter (that would be summer Down Under) look? Going bare? Skipping right through to Valentines? 

And what do you think? Am I in need of some serious psychological help, or should we just form a bouquet splitting fan club?


In all things flowers and decor,


flower mantel decoration via Songbirdblog 7

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  1. You’re flowers are lovely. I really like the splash of color!

  2. Love the soothing calm from the white and the pop of color!

  3. Ellie Van Caster says:

    Just love that little burst of color with all the white-I think you should consider the flower dividing as a gift
    from God to spread the beauty.

  4. so cheerful! I just added a little blooms to my mantle today too! hope you have a great week! xoxo, tracie

  5. I love those adorable lanterns.

  6. Bouquet splitting….I hope none of those flowers were in a relationship. A forced separation might be truly difficult. You’ll need to look for droopy heads. 😀 All silliness aside. It’s lovely…and how fun to add to the array of vases with a few common bottles, er…vases that is, too!
    Lovely inspiration!

    • Marianne Songbird says:

      Well if they were in a relationship at least they can still hang out together 😉
      Yes I love those little bottles too, they make sure that no one takes this arrangement too seriously and of course they are a cheap way to add to a vase collection,
      Thanks for stopping by.

  7. I love flowers too! They add so much to your home.
    Your vases are so pretty and will work with any color you choose, right? Love your current ones!

  8. Ahhh. I love how you found flowers that look so beautiful split apart in all your vases! You have a gift for giving us a treat to behold! Sure we will join your club go break bouquets apart!why not? Ill bring greenery from my yard to make the flowers spread out into even more vases that way! Lol :-)

  9. I think that is a great idea you have there! It really spreads out your flower decorating dollar and makes the once-scrunched up bunch into lots of smaller ones. Really, you can see each flower better that way too. I am addicted to spray painting vases and jars….that’s a good strecher of dollars too.

  10. Morning Marianne, I agree with Ellie’s comment. I like the idea to unbunch only to bunch again. Having the mirror reflect more light, the two white lanterns, candles, numerous white vases, and the color of the petite flowers, you truly have an artistic eye. And your photos are great! Thank you for sharing with us.

  11. Great mantle vignette Marianne, love it! The photography is great too, you did an amazing job with the lighting, esp. with these more-dark-than-light days we are having in middle Europe. I always have such a hard time photographing things this time of year! Everytime I visit your site, I get “light” inspirated!
    Have a great weekend! Siggie

    • Marianne Songbird says:

      Thanks. Yes the light is definitely a challenge these days. Gotta pick the right moment and then some post-processing doesn’t hurt either.
      Thanks for stopping by and saying hello, it is much appreciated.

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