New summer bedding and a vintage crochet bedspread

summer bedroom decoration with vintage bedspread and blue striped linens at Songbirdblog


Good evening dear friends. I have been playing with something old and something new, something bought and something blue……

The scene of my shenanigans: the bedroom. The props of my play: new and old bedding.

I told you that I had been on a little shopping spree and most of that was spent at my favorite store in the world: IKEA. Of course I went in for something prosaic as a protective floor cover and came out with a ton of other things that where just too cute to let go, especially for that price….


blue and white bedroom linens Songbirdblog


One of those things was some new bedding. I honestly can’t say I needed it, but after I started working on our bedroom (two years ago already and still not finished Oy!) I enjoy it so much more and I love decorating it.

The summer decorations I had brought into the bedroom felt really good and I was definitely not ready to let go of those yet. Especially since summer has finally arrived here big time as we are deep high into the tropical temperatures now. So I forgot about Fall and added a bit more summer instead.


wood headboard blue linens bedroom Songbirdblog


This blue and white striped bedding, ticked all my little boxes. It is summery, even a bit beachy, it feels super soft and it had a very friendly price tag. Who can pass that up.

As I was putting it on, for the first time I thought it needed a little extra something, something. And then I thought of this vintage crochet bedspread I found a couple of months ago. I hid it from my Love because I know this is one step too far from him. But I tried it on anyway.


summer bedroom decoration with vintage blue bedspread at Songbirdblog


I think it looks so nice. I love it. The soft blue colors, the crochet pattern, the love that went into it. I could even happily drape this over my couch or simply fold up in a nice pile and stare at it. It is in perfect condition and held up great in the wash (so it smells nice now too).

And I really think it complements the new linens so very well. Those look like they were made for each other.


summer bedroom decoration with vintage bedspread at Songbirdblog


Sadly though I was right about My Love’s opinion. He was okay with the bedding. The stripes were ‘manly’ enough for him to be able to bear the lacy white linens I also used. But the vintage crochet blanket got a definite NO.


summer bedroom decoration with vintage bedspread at Songbirdblog


So sadly, I have carefully put her away. I will list her soon in Songbirds Nest,  right when I get that out of holiday mode. So if you love her as much as I do, and you have a husband who doesn’t object to a vintage bedspread in his room. Keep an eye on my shop, as soon as the button link appears in my sidebar the shop is open and the bedspread is up for grabs.

UPDATE: This one of a kind, vintage bedspread has been sold. I no longer have it, whenever I find them I will list other pretty vintage bedspreads in my shop, so check in there often to see them.

I’ll be sad to see her go, but she deserves to be loved and be the star of someone’s room.


blue and white bedroom Songbirdblog


In the mean time, I get to enjoy her here on my blog. And in real life I get to snuggle in my comfy beachy new looking bedroom.


summer bedroom with blue and white bedding at Songbirdblog 17 copy


Oh and what do you think about me trying to do the whole crumbled bed look? I think it looks quite inviting. If it weren’t so very hot right now I might jump right in.

So do you have to compromise about decorating, in or outside of the bedroom? And don’t you agree that my brand new bedding looks great with the vintage bed spread? Love the crumpled look or do you prefer the neat and tight hotel room look?

Let’s talk bedrooms……

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  1. Melissa says


    that is so pretty and fresh and inviting looking! Can you maybe keep the crochet cover and just fold it and drape it at the end of the bed or over the back of a chair? They look so good together. You have such a great “eye” for combining colors and patterns and textures. Love the starfish, too. Glad summer has finally arrived for you!

  2. Marilyn says

    I have exactly the same bedding–almost. Ours is in green. I love it. And you’re fortunate that your love puts up with “the lacy white linens!” My husband would NOT put up with lace on his pillow! I love your headboard with the starfish and cute hat. Your crumpled look is great. Thanks for sharing your blog with us.

  3. says

    the bed linen is gorgeous I too just wanna jump right on in!
    I’m still on the lookout for a bed head and that one of yours has just made it into my top 5 list…divine!
    have a great week!
    Bec x

  4. Anita says

    Wat een geweldige combinatie! Zou zomaar ook prachtig staan in onze vernieuwde slaapkamer (na de vakantie ga ik foto’s ervan op m’n blog zetten). Supermooi, de streepjes en de knoopjes en zo prachtig gecombineerd met het witte laken met kant. De gehaakte sprei past er echt heeeeeel mooi bij, jammer dat jouw wederhelft er anders over denkt (mannen!!) Mjin hubby zou daar geen moeite mee hebben, zolang spullen niet té brocante (lees: gammel en kapot) zijn én er geen houtworm inzit, vindt hij het eigenlijk altijd wel prima.
    Tja, en nu is het zoooo warm, dat je aan alleen een laken al genoeg hebt. Ik zou die mooie sprei opgevouwen AAN JOUW KANT van het bed, op het plankje van je nachtkastje leggen – kun je er toch nog van genieten.

    Fijne week!
    groetjes, Anita

  5. says

    Ik vind de sprei erg mooi. Jouw man is hetzelfde als mijn vriend. Ik heb een mooie ecru gehaakte sprei van mijn moeder. Ik krijg altijd gepruttel als ik probeer hem te gebruiken. Uiteraard doe ik hem niet weg, ze heeft hem gemaakt. Hij ligt op een kast die op een andere slaapkamer staat. Jammer eigenlijk!
    Jullie slaapkamer is prachtig!

  6. says

    I love the vintage spread and my man never gives me any guff about anything I put on the bed except blankets which he throws off since he is always so hot. But I love the look of the vintage with your new. I like the crumpled look on someone else’s bed, but for me it is the neat tidy look. I guess I keep hearing my mom in my head telling me to go back and remake the bed! Love your blog, I hope some day to travel to your part of the world, it looks so beautiful.

  7. says

    I love it! I have it in green on My Murphy bed :) It is so great to see you here at The “Sunday Stop” thank you for sharing! So what will you do for fall? and I have always liked the fresh made look but I have to say that I really like the rumpled for the picture. It looked so inviting!

  8. says

    OH my gosh, that’s the prettiest bedroom I’ve EVER SEEN!!!! I have that same duvet set in my son’s room, but it’s so much prettier in yours! And that coverlet! Swoon! I totally respect your Love’s need for no frills, but honestly, it’s sacrilege not to pair that with the bedding! Sigh! Well, when you list it, let me know.



  9. Donna says

    Oh, don’t sell your crochet blanket! It is so sweet, and looks so lovely with the blue stripes. It could be a just-for-you blanket to take out and wrap yourself in when you need comfort, or when you have the sniffles, or want to curl up with a book, or to take a nap on a cold winter day.

  10. brenda says

    I’m in love with that crochet blanket – do you think it would like to travel to Australia and make a new home here? I live in a big old white Queenslander home in Queensland Australia and it would be absolutely perfect!

  11. says

    Husbands – we can’t live without them but we don’t want their decorating opinions! What’s a girl to do?!

    Love the whole crumpled bed look too – although if I attempted that, it would just look like I haven’t made my bed in 2 weeks!

  12. says

    Gosh your bed with that headboard is gorgeous. Love the ticking and the crochet bedspread. So glad my hubby doesn’t say no to my likes. I wish that blue was right for my house.