Numbers, Pillows and a Stealth Give-away

Hi friends, I have been busy in my craft room! And can I say Finally, Hallelujah and It-Was-About-Time about that.

Gosh I didn’t have the time/energy/inspiration for so long, but yesterday the muse was with me again and I had some serious crafting fun.


Red Number Pillow 3


I made a numbered pillow. It all started with this weeks Themed Linky over at FunkyJunkInteriors. The theme was numbers. I thought that’s easy I have done my numbered pots:


numbered cups


My numbered basket:


Basket with number2


And my numbered tray:


Blue and White Vignette 6


I just recycle this stuff and link up. And then I got bored with myself and decided that when and if I were linking up it had to be with something new. And so the crafting began.

When I did my postal bag chair I cut off the bottoms of those bags. They were of course the most damaged part of the sack but they were also kind of cool. So I hung on to them thinking I would come up with something to use them for and this is it.


Red Number Pillow 1


I especially liked this red thread on one of them. It inspired a red theme. And since I was still thinking numbers I played with some numbered stamps and with paint and crate numbers.


Red Number Pillow 2


This is kind of a rugged pillow. No clean edges here but I love that look. I just kept adding things and accents until I felt it looked good. Even my name got on this one:


Red Number Pillow 4


I finished it with an envelope back with buttons for closure. And my lazy woman faux piping.


Red Number Pillow Back


This was fun. So I just had to make another one. This time the bottom didn’t have a red border, and this piece was even more roughed up so I came up with a variation in black.


Black Number Pillow 3


This sack material is really tough and rough and rugged. So I thought a bit of whimsy would lighten it up so I added a button tassel.


Black Number Pillow 1


More buttons and a heart in the corner


Black Number Pillow 2


And a one button closure on the back. Again with my lazy woman’s faux piping.


Black Number Pillow Back


And now for the stealth give-away. If you like this black mixed media pillow and you are one of my subscribers you are in luck. Because I had an idea.

A few days ago it was 11-11 and that is kind of a festive day in this Carnaval celebrating area where I live because it is the start of the Carnaval season (11 being the fool’s number). And around that day my 1111 subscriber added me to her feed reader


1111 subscribers


(Feedburner goes up and down a bit but at one point that 1111 subscriber was there I have proof!).


So I decided to pay tribute to all my faithful subscribers and thank you for following along my adventures in DIY, crafting and general madness.



If you would like a chance to win this pillow, go to your reader and check the bottom of my feed, you will find the instructions on how to enter there.

If you have not subscribed to my blog yet, feel free to do so and receive the instructions with my next post.

(if you don’t know what subscribing is Simplemom wrote an awesome post about it).

And yes I will figure out how to do a stealth giveaway for my Google followers too. Just stay tuned for that one, maybe when I reach 777?



Numbered Pillows


PS I am still Linking up at Donna’s but that is so after the fact now…. LOL

And I am also linking up to:

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  1. Pink Princess says

    Nou het zal aan mij liggen hoor…maar in ben dus een reader op blogger feed, kijk naar je feeds en kan niet vinden hoe ik kan enteren. JOH wat een stom verhaal lol. Kom je er nog uit zo??
    Kan dus niet vinden hoe ik mee kan doen, haha. Maar nou ja, zeg ik…zal aan mij liggen :)

    Groetjes in elk geval en fijne zondag :) van MariaN

  2. Kolein says

    Totally in love with these, Marianne! And you must tell us what "lazy woman's pipping" is and how it's done!

    I don't know what subscribing is but will find out today!



  3. Jane says

    Your creative muse definitely came for a visit!! The pillows are very original and just beautiful. I like the ruggedness of them too and the numbers add the perfect touch. It's amazing what you can create with leftover bits and pieces.

  4. Marianne@Songbird says

    Ad 1.
    Oh helaas dan is deze niet voor jou. Blogger feed geeft mij niet de gelegenheid iets toe te voegen. Dit werkt alleen als je je geabonneerd hebt op mijn RSS feed met Google Reader bijvoorbeeld, of Bloglines. Maar zoals gezegd ik ga ook nog iets verzinnen voor mijn Followers en dan kun je wel meedoen (en nu ook natuurlijk als je je abonneert).

  5. Marianne@Songbird says

    Ad 2.
    Hi Kolein. Subscribing means following someone in a Reader like Google Reader or bloglines. It is what happens when you use that RSS symbol (looks a bit like this: ))) ). Really just read Simplemom's post she describes it perfectly.

  6. Elly-My Everyday Things says

    Oh Marianne… echt helemaal te gek!!! Tja, ik ben een dombo met al die pc toestanden, dus helaas kan ik niet meedoen met de give away, maar ik heb wel een hele brutale vraag: verkoop je de rode misschien héél toevallig??? Vind 'em echt fantastisch!!!!
    Tjeetje… zucht…. ik zie 'em al liggen… (ik wil je niet onder druk zetten of zo hoor, hahaha!!!)
    Nog een hele fijne zondag!

  7. freckled laundry says

    Oh my gosh. That is beautiful, Marianne! (All of your number things are.) I follow you & blog roll you but no subscription…off to do that now. You should link your pillow or giveaway to my "air you laundry Friday" party, sweetie!


  8. Mayflower says

    Wat ben je heerlijk creatief bezig geweest Marianne. Prachtig je kussens en al die spulletjes met de nummers zijn ook zo mooi, daar hou ik wel van.
    Ik wens je een fijne avond.
    Lieve groet, Mea

  9. The Tattered Cottage says

    These pillows are gorgeous! I am a follower of your lovely blog. I need to check and see if I subscribe also? Not really sure what subscribing is. :)

  10. lia says

    Je bent lekker creatief bezig geweest, en je hoofdeinde bij het bed is staat ook heel mooi.
    En heel erg bedankt voor je informatie over het veranderen van je mail adres. Ik had al zo'n gevoel dat het niet zo makkelijk zou gaan. Ik ga je advies opvolgen en hoop als ik iets wil weten dat ik je nog een keer om advies kan vragen.

    Groetjes Lia

  11. Allison says

    Your pillows are fabulous! I love all the detail you added and the numbers and fun touches. They are whimsical! They are a work of art. Very clever and creative. Love them!

  12. Michelle @Shellsshabbyshack says

    Amazing what you can create when you get bored. I like that you salvaged things that you already had. These pillows are so creative and fun!

  13. All That Jazz says

    SO creative! I love these and would love a chance to win.
    Would like to know what lazy woman's piping is and how to do it, too… 😉

  14. Mrs. "Lawley-Pop" says

    oh my goodness! i love those pillows!! you are so talented!! i added your link and pic to my blog but not sure how to link up to you!!
    I just found your blog today! love it!!

  15. Stephanie Miles says

    Can you tell me more about your “lazy woman piping” on pillows. I would LOVE to know how to do that! I hate doing piping the traditional way, and hoped I might learn an easier way. Thank you in advance for your help.

    • Marianne Songbird says

      It only works on certain types of seams. I will do a tutorial soon, and I’ll let you know when it is up.