Office Organization with Repurposed Tin Cans

Hello my sweets, how are you doing? Can you believe January is almost over already?! Is 2013 living up to its expectations? How are you doing with your new years resolutions? Have the kilos (pounds) dropped off, have you quit smoking, training hours put in, house organized?

As always the start of the new year has made me want to get all organized, and decluttered and on time and everything. And all the posts I see everywhere about getting organized are not helping. Or maybe they are. They are definitely making me want to  clean out a closet or two and organize my sock drawer. 

January truly seems to be the month we are all blogging about organization projects. Guess we all want a fresh and clean start.


repurposed tin cans office organization via Songbirdblog 6


And all those posts infected me. Gave me the cleaning bug. So that is what I have been doing most of the weekend. After a quick trip to Ikea (more on that in the next post) I spent the better part of my Saturday working in the kitchen. Our Tupperware situation was getting out of hand and my overstuffed kitchen wall shelves were threatening to come down from the wall. 


repurposed tin cans office organization via Songbirdblog 1


But order is back now. The shelves have been fortified so I can blissfully continue to pack them too full. All my little containers have been matched up with a lid and are stored in big bins (or have been tossed if they didn’t have a mate anymore), and I even gave the kitchen a quick swipe.

Wow, after that Saturday my Sunday had to be dedicated to playing, don’t you agree.

And play I did. Although the organizing bug hadn’t quite left me. As you probably have guessed from these pics. Now this is clearly not the most original project on the internet. Decorate some old tin cans with a bit of tape and use them to hold office utensils. Been there, done that, seen it!


repurposed tin cans office organization via Songbirdblog 7


So I hesitated to put this little project – that doesn’t deserve the title project – up on the blog, for fear that you would all think it to be redundant. But then again. Are there any truly original projects? Where there ever? In this day and age of Facebook and Pinterest it becomes ever more clear that everything has been done before, everybody is influenced by something and we all inspire each other in one way or another. 


repurposed tin cans office organization via Songbirdblog 4


Trying to be original is, in my opinion,  a battle that you are bound to lose. And just because someone else had the same idea doesn’t mean your version of it, is less worthy. At least that is my position in this and I am sticking to it. 


repurposed tin cans office organization via Songbirdblog 5


Anyway, I stepped in late with the organization craze that hits blogland every January as the month is almost over. I am afraid I have only touched the surface though when it comes to the places in my home that need decluttering stat. I guess I’ll be organizing my way through February too. But hopefully I can make all that organizing feel like playing too, because creating this little setup definitely didn’t feel like a chore….


turn tin cans into pretty containers for office supplies (6)



So tell me what have you been up too? Did the ‘let’s organize January’ bug bite you too, or did it swipe right passed you? And what little organizing job have you been shoving into a corner? (mine is the landing in front of my craft room entrance. I can barely get into that room anymore. It needs attention!, but I haven’t figured out how I can make that work feel like playing yet  😮 )

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  1. says

    Oh yes… it’s true; There is NOTHING new under the sun.

    However, when a cute little freebie like this one…can make a creative corner look even MORE creative…AND PUT A SMILE ON YOUR FACE it giveS you a feeling of accomplishment. We forget about little things like this…and think we have to run out and spend tons of money or something, don’t we? Just to be organized, realy?
    Well, I for one appreciate your posting it. Just because it’s been done before… doesn’t matter.
    That fact that it can STILL BE DONE…and look cute as “all get out!” …. PERFECT! (and free)

    …going to pull some cans from the recycle! Pat

  2. Gwen says

    These are so striking and just cans!! I have the can opener that does not leave jagged edges so this would be a cute gift for <3 day. I've enjoyed your vignette–the silver silver tin of cans and the red books–I'm copycatting you!!!
    Hmmm I have storage baskets I'm filling but I feel like they too are just getting filled. Ill have to have help!!

  3. JuneA** says

    CUTE! I have been pulling out drawers and cabinets to clean and organize and my closet is next! I SHOULD clean and reorganize my craft room, but I’m saving that for last-since it takes longer, ’cause I want to glue, paint, sew or glitter! LOL

    • Marianne Songbird says

      Familiar feeling. Organizing usually inspires me to start crafting too, and that of course inevitably leads to a mess again and a need to organize…. Perpetual circle :-)