On building things, and why women with power tools rock. And an Ana White Book Giveaway – Closed

Lately I have seen some awesome women build some awesome things. I am awe struck by their skills and talent. And a little jealous…

Case in point:


Sawdust and Paperscraps Library Builtin

This awesome Library Built-in project built by Sandra from Sawdust Girl.


Or yet another set of out of this world library bookcases.


Thrifty Decor Chick Library Bookcases

This homemade bookcase project is from Sarah from Thrifty Decor Chick.


Wowie ladies, those are some awesome projects.


And really cute and therefor just as awesome is this reclaimed wood little cupboard by Stacy, – who definitely is not just a housewife – .


Not just a housewife homemade cupboard

Cute and beautiful homemade cupboard from Stacy from Not Just a Housewife.


All projects built by very talented ladies who rock a power tool or two.


I think I have proclaimed my love for power tools here before. I love power tools, they rock! They are also very scary and I need a long time before I dare to use them. I have an incubation period so to speak. After I have come across and/ or bought a new power tool it has to live with me first. I’ll go down to the workshop (where not much work is being done) and look at it, and talk to it, and ask it to by my friend. And if that courting period goes well I’ll start to play with it. And if I have fun with her (of course power tools are female, they rock), I’ll start contemplating some serious bonding over a big project.

This way I have done a little bit of building myself. Like my Billy Built-in Project


Billy Built-in Makeover After 2


Or more recently my rustic shelve unit and  radiator cover in my craft room


Craft Room Reveal mirror door Songbirdblog



None of these projects went without a hitch and both leave a lot to be desired for. But I am still pretty proud of them and I have learned tons just diving in and doing them.

So now I have secretly been plotting a bit more building. Specifically some building for some spots in my house that are a bit difficult or should I say awkward and that will need a custom made solution.


Open Shelving Storage Pots 2


Like this wall in my kitchen. I have never shown more than the open shelves I have there now. And I love those but I need more. I have a tiny kitchen and the wall with the shelves is basically the only wall I have to work with. But my kitchen is narrow so whatever I do can not be deep, and then there is radiator and pipes to deal with.

Long story short I want a hutch of some kind to replace the shelves but it will have to be made especially for it to work. My previous projects have not exactly given me the confidence to just dive into a project like that, I’d need some serious practice before that.

And lo and behold the power of the internet. I am this rather petite woman who lives  in this small country in Europe and on the other side of the world lives another petite dark haired woman who is the queen of building things. She is building a mom complex at the moment, but she excels in designing and building furniture.

You know who I am talking about don’t you! Of course the fabulous and gorgeous and lovely Ana White.


Ana White


Ana has made quite a name for herself with her furniture building plans that she shares freely on her blog. And now we can all  have a piece of Ana White in our home, without getting out the power tools.


Anna White Handmade Home Book cover


Ana’s book the Handbuilt Home is a collection of doable furniture building projects with full instructions. And guess what the plans for a hutch that would be perfect on my kitchen wall are in there too!!!


Anna White hutch



But I better practice on some easier projects first. Luckily there are some ‘doable in an afternoon’ projects too. Like a couple of too cute bench projects that I have already envisioned in my hallway, and my garden, and my bedroom……


Ana White bench Handbuilt Home


Soon I’ll have the courage to bring out the power tools again and start building something. And this book will be getting covered in sawdust because I’ll take Ana with me to hold my hand all the way. And guess what, if she hadn’t already stolen my heart with her gorgeous projects she definitely has done that now! Because non-US wannabe furniture builders don’t have to despair. Ana does metric too! Yup there is a conversion table in the book and often those horrific inches and yards are recalculated in sensible centimeters all throughout the book. Yeah for ‘international’ standards!


Anna White cupboard project Handbuilt Home


I’ll built with this book, I promise, you just wait and see…


And you can built with this book too. The publisher is allowing me to give a book to my readers! So you’ll have a chance to win your own soon-to-be-covered-in-sawdust copy.


And even better you can start building right away.  I have been given the link  to one of the projects in the book, and I can share it with you. Look at this adorable bench. You can build that. I know you can. We all can!



You can download the instructions on how to built this Farmhouse bench here.


The book I may give away can only go to US recipients though (sorry I don’t understand the reasoning behind this from the publisher). But that doesn’t fly on my blog. I want all of my peeps to have a chance to win this book. So here is how I am going to do it. I am going to draw a winner from all the entries. If that winner happens to live anywhere in the world that is not the US, I will give the lucky winner a book myself, and I will redraw for a US winner to be given a book by the publisher. Deal? Deal!

So here is the deal to enter this giveaway:



Leave me a comment and tell me what dream project you would like to build one day AND tell me where in the world you live.



For an extra entry share this giveaway on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest or your blog.


Giveaway will close next week on Wednesday.


This giveaway is now closed. Random.Org selected number 28 as the winner. Congratulations Shannon from Arkansas. Good luck with building your bunk beds.



Good luck!

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  1. says

    My dream project is a floor to ceiling bookcase (something quite similar to the one built by Sandra) on at least two walls in my very own gorgeous library/office. I have a very extensive book collection! I live in Ontario, Canada.

  2. Jen says

    I keep wishing I could build a low bookcase along a half-wall on our upstairs landing, which is a large but rather useless space. Then I could unpack the boxes of books that have been in my attic for five years!

    I live in the Heuvelland, not so far from you, but in a village so tiny I’d rather not be specific here!

    If you have email problems does that mean you didn’t get one from me asking about where to buy beadboard around here? I still haven’t found it. Checked Hornbach, Karwei, Gamma, Praxis and Formido… No luck! Any idea?

  3. says

    So sorry about the blog problems. So frustrating isn’t it?

    I’d love to build a coffee table as well as a small table for the other side of my bed. Thanks for offering such a generous giveaway.

    Oh yes, I’m in Texas!

  4. Marilyn says

    Hi Marianne,

    I’d actually love to start with that Farmhouse bench! Then maybe a banquette. And we can always use more bookcases.

    I live in California. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Mercedes says

    Shout out from Kansas!
    We’ve begun work on a room for our teenage daughter and would love to construct built-in around her bed.

  6. vivi says

    When I will have my own place I dream to have a huge bookcase all around a fireplace or to transform an attic to a wooden paradise full with books. This way i can combide two favourite smells of mine: wood and paper! I live now in Germany, but who knows where am I going to built my nest?
    Greetings aus Münster!

  7. says

    My dream project is to build an amazing bookcase, I have tons of books and need something strong and beautiful. I live in beautiful Haddam, CT.

  8. Lucie says

    I’d love to build a huge bookcase with a ladder to climb to the top shelves and sit there reading.
    Living in Australia.

  9. Margaret W. says

    I would love to build a wall of bookcases, to accomodate my ever growning collection of books! I live in Washington State, in an area that produces thousands of tulip bulbs annually. My roots are Dutch :)

  10. Nina V. says

    I would love to build a king headboard and bed frame that resembled the ones from the 1930’s. Nowadays, you can only find them in the full size! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  11. Nina V. says

    Sorry, I forgot to tell you where I live! I live in Connecticut where winter is just around the corner!

    Just in case, here is my original post: I would love to build a king headboard and bed frame that resembled the ones from the 1930’s. Nowadays, you can only find them in the full size! Thanks for the chance to win :)

    Also I just pinned this giveaway :)

  12. says

    Ik heb een bloedhekel aan powertools. Toen ik hier kwam wonen moest ik zelf gaten in de muur boren voor de schilderen e.d.. Het zweet stond me op de rug!
    Dit boek lijkt me wel erg mooi! Ik doe graag mee. Fijn dat je een boek doneert voor het geval iemand buiten de US een boek wint. Ik heb de give-away ook gepint.

  13. margaret (peg)m says

    first, i need to get my ‘own’ rockin power tools, then i’d like build a birdhouse…then i can ‘build’ on my success (i hope)
    cleveland ohio

  14. says

    Powertools zijn niet zo mijn ding. Ik ben doodsbang om zelf een boor te gebruiken, laat staan andere dingen.
    Het boek lijkt me erg leuk. Fijn dat je ook aan de mensen denkt die niet in de US wonen.
    Ik heb je give-away ook gepint.


  15. SandyB says

    I just discovered your blog in time for this great giveaway! Our house is from the 50s and the rooms often don’t fit current furniture well, so I’d love to someday build built-in bookcases (like Sarah’s) for my small office and a kitchen table that actually fits in our kitchen.

    I live near Seattle, Washington.

  16. Willa O says

    My husband are in the process of leaving tiny rented apartments and buying our first home. I would love to build the farmhouse bench to use for years to come. I live in the Washington, DC area!