On Disclosure and Privacy at the Nest

You guys know I am a professional procrastinator, right!?

and that my procrastination can get epic proportions when it is a boring task I need to do….

Well today I kicked myself in the bootie, strapped on my big girl panties and dove right in.

Right into legal mumbojumbo and blog policy stuff.


Oj, I almost ran away when I saw the word “legal”, and the word “policy” is just as bad, and what about “legal policies”!!!

But I did it anyway. I felt I had too. And even though I don’t think I am legally required since my blog is born and raised in the Netherlands, I thought I ought to nevertheless. Because I am all about keeping it real and honest here at the nest.

So here goes.




My full disclosure and privacy policy.

To start at the beginning:

I make money blogging.

There you have it. This blog generates an income. Not a big one, though, just a teeny one. But I am hoping that one day……

And I am so glad my blog gives me back some money. It gives me heaps of more important things too, like friendships and inspiration and motivation and fun and laughs and energy. But yeah it brings me some money as well, and that is a good thing, or I wouldn’t have been able to keep up with it, cause it is costing me money too. Much more than it is generating….. yet.

I make money several ways:


Ads & Ad Networks

Please forgive all those adds above and besides my content. They are there to keep me blogging, and the more money they send my way, the more time I can dedicate to this blog. The way those ads work is that they award me with a teeny amount for everybody who visits this site. That’s why I love you a bit more if you read my posts here on the blog itself instead of in your reader or in your email inbox (not that I don’t love you than too, just a teensy bit less Zo terug ). The ads that appear in those slots are not controlled by me. They depend on where you live, who you are and some sort of algorithm I don’t even try to understand. Just know that I am most likely not seeing the same things you are, and in fact I don’t even know what you are seeing.

If there is ever anything truly offensive let me know, and maybe I can do something about it (not making any promises though, algorithms scare me even more than legal policies)


Blog Sponsors


Home Fashion


A special place have the ads from my blog sponsors. I only have a few, but I am definitely open for more. Those are for companies and businesses that I select. So I definitely control who gets a spot there. My sponsors are my VIPs. I roll out the red carpet for them and they get an extra special treatment. That will mean that I will mention them from time to time or even dedicate a post to them, when I have a good reason to do so.


Sponsored Posts

I haven’t done much in the way of sponsored posts yet. I most likely won’t either in the future. But I am not saying it won’t happen. Heck if Martha wants to send me a bunch of her stuff I am not saying no. And if H&M calls telling me that they want me to try out their new home line, I will be screaming YES! so hard, they will be able to hear  it all they way in Sweden.
But trust me, in good Songbird style, I will never write anything that doesn’t come 100% from my heart. I’ll be keeping it real people, all the way, all the time. Someone can pay me to try something out, they will never pay me to say only positive things about it.


Affiliate Sales

Ok, and then there is the affiliates. I only have like two yet. Both tried and tested by yours truly and the only reason I choose to become an affiliate for them is because I so wholeheartedly recommend them.




So yes I do buy every book I get online at Bookdepository, because they have never let me down and I dig their free shipping.


B-to-WP copy


I bought Sharon’s Ebook myself and used it to move my blog from Blogger to WordPress. I don’t think you should even contemplate making the move without reading it first. So if you were to use either of  those links to go buy yourself a book or two, or to download the ‘Blogger-to-WP-book’, I earn a few cents too.

It all adds up people…….


So to sum it up. Whenever you visit my site here and click around a bit, that generates pageviews for me which in turn adds to the pool of cents and nickles that the ads bring me. Whenever you buy something through an affiliate of me, it gives me something too, and if you go to my sponsors from my site you earn my undying gratitude and love.

Every post I write is still just me talking to you and showing you what I have been up to. And if that something I have been up to, involves playing around with something (or somewhere) that somebody has given me or paid me for, I will always let you know explicitly.

That’s the disclosure part.


Now on to the privacy part.


This one is actually getting some press over here in Holland too. You are probably aware of it but every time you stumble around your merry way on the internet you are leaving a trail of cookies behind (actually you are gathering cookies, yeah that explains blogger butt. You are collecting cookies while surfing, bet you didn’t think of that :-) ).
This means that practically every site leaves a bit of code behind on you computer to keep track of the fact that you visited them and what you looked at there and where you went when you left. Google is master at this. That’s why all those Amazon ads (or something like that), will all of a sudden be showing you garden books, if you have recently been searching Amazon for…… yes wait for it…… garden books!


My site leaves cookies on your computer too (yours probably does too on mine). I have Google analytics and Statounter installed. They leave cookies so I know how many of you are repeat visitors and how many are new, and where you are living on this planet and even what browser you use to surf on the web.  The ads I have leave cookies too. That way they know how much to pay me and whether my site is reaching the kind of customers they want to reach (I hope so).


I think cookies can be used to track your IP address which in turn can be used to find your server address and even your home address. That requires serious skills though. Skills I don’t have and don’t want to have. You should be aware of it nevertheless. Every step you take on the internet leaves a trail behind, a trail somebody out there can pick up and follow back to you. If you want to avoid that you can install extra safety measures on your computer. I found this site a good resource of information about how it all works

Oh and one more thing about privacy. If you comment here on my blog, you are asked for your name and email address. Those are not gathered nor saved. They are only used by me when I answer you back and say “hi Katie thanks for being such a loyal commenter”, or “wow Lorie, that is really useful information thanks for sharing it here”. Or something like that.


And here I put all that privacy stuff in the proper legal terms (I want to do it right, you know):


We use third-party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit our website.  These companies may use information (not including your name, address email address or telephone number) about your visits to this and other Web sites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you.  If you would like more information about this practice and to know your choices about not having this information used by these companies, http://www.networkadvertising.org/managing/opt_out.asp.


Ok how did I do? Do you follow? Agree? Not give a hoot?

Have you disclosed your blog too?


Ryan Gosling




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  1. says

    Love those “Hey Girl” photos that are making their way around the blogosphere. I have never even thought of doing a privacy or self-disclosure thing on my blog. So far, I just blog for fun. But this is really something to think about – and thanks for the link –

    • Marianne@Songbird says

      You are welcome!
      I never thought I needed one too, but than I started with the ads and that whole privacy discussion started. I thought better keep it straight and above board. But I am sure glad it is finished now.

  2. says

    I would never have believed that such a dry conversation like “legal policies” could be turned into a very interesting and informative post.
    I’ve been blogging for only 6 months and have yet to figure out how sponsors, ads, and links really work. Your highly technical yet effectively short tutorial helps out considerably.
    I always read the blog feed directly from my email. Knowing that it can make a financial difference for the blogger, I will, from now on, go directly to the blog to read the post.
    Thank you.

    • Marianne@Songbird says

      Thank you, I am glad the post was helpful to you. And yes me and many bloggers like me, love it when you visit us on site. It is a small way you can say thanks for the free information they give you. ♥ M