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Hello my friends. Whenever I do a post about my messy house, and my unfinished projects, so many of you tell me you can relate. I guess we all crave a little extra order and organization in our lives. With everything in its proper place, the beauty of everyday things can start to shine through.

Well for everybody who has ever felt that they needed a little extra inspiration and motivation to get things done, I have the perfect Euro Blogger for you.




Today in my series of ‘Meet the Euro Blogger’, I have a Scandinavian delight for you.



Header Blog Chez Larsson



Meet Benita from Chez Larsson.


This Swedish blogger (who blogs in English) is my go to blog for sweet inspiration for light Scandinavian living.


Grey Quilt Chez Larsson

Homemade Quilt in grey and white


Things can get quite dark for a long time in Scandinavia, I guess that’s why they are so good at decorating their homes light and airy. Benita is a big lover of white (aren’t we all) and uses it everywhere. But she also combines it in the most perfect way with color. Oranges and green are her favorites now.


Chez Larsson Living Room

Modern Living Room

In general the style of Chez Larsson is quite modern, maybe even a bit too modern for my taste, and yet I love it so.


Chez Larsson Home Office

Home Office


Benita is quite the all-round lady. She tackles just about any job you can think of herself and she gets so much done! About a year ago she moved into a ‘new’ old home (bloggers heaven) and when you look at the progress she has made so far it is amazing.


Chez Larsson Kitchen Makeover 1

Kitchen Makeover Project


Whenever I need a ‘fix’ to get my rear moving and start tackling the clutter, I pay a visit to Benita first. She has so many organizing tips and tricks, there is always something new to find. And she lives by her example too! No organizational ‘rules’ coming from someone who has only just shoved the mess out of the camera’s reach. No sirree, Benita lives by her own motto. This is her ‘old’ candle drawer. A drawer, perfectly organized for candles, people!! Oh how I want one…..


Candle Drawer Chez Larsson


Oh and did I mention she crafts too?

She has even won some crafting contests. These are a few of the different projects she came up with for a concrete challenge:


Concrete Challenge Chez Larsson

Concrete Bookends, Concrete Star, Concrete House Number, Concrete Candle Stick


DIY and Crafts, Order and Organization, Tips and Tutorials, Inspiration and Motivation. What is there not to love about Chez Larsson. Go visit her, and tell her I sent you.


Chez Larsson Forcing Branches

Hallway Decoration Forcing Branches

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