Outdoor Decorating in the garden for Christmas Day 6

Hi there everybody, are you still enjoying my 12 Days of Christmas Decorating series? Has the Christmas mood set upon you? Have you felt inspired?

I sure hope so, because I am still having fun putting this series together. Although I have to admit, right here at the halfway point I am getting a bit tired. But I will make it to the finish line. I hope you will still be with me when I get there.


garden table decor Christmas greens, centerpiece, pine cone wreath (1)

Yesterday was all about outdoors Christmas decorating, in particular my front entrance. But we almost always enter the house from the back. That’s why I love to decorate our back garden too. Our roofed terrace is the best spot to goof around a little and get my decorating on. So let’s continue the outdoors decorating for Christmas.

Let’s see what I came up with……..




garden table decor Christmas greens, centerpiece, pine cone wreath (9)


A grand old centerpiece for our table with some side decorations. 

Quite the statement isn’t it. I think it looks pretty impressing, if I say so myself. But with my little chicken wire trick, this one wasn’t too hard to make either. 




Our refectory table is crazy long so it demanded even  more than this rather large centerpiece. So two more little ones she got. 


garden table decor Christmas greens, centerpiece, pine cone wreath (6)


They are like the backing vocals to the lead singer…..

…… they make harmony together.


But what are singers without a good band.

Meet the band:


garden table decor Christmas greens, centerpiece, pine cone wreath (15)


All the greenery I had left after all my centerpiece making got ‘dumped’ on my garden worktable. I added some accessories….

 garden table decor Christmas greens, centerpiece, pine cone wreath (5)


Sprinkled on some snow …..

 garden table decor Christmas greens, centerpiece, pine cone wreath (10)


And called it a day.

I love walking up from the back of the garden to the house and see it all decked out and welcoming.


 garden table decor Christmas greens, centerpiece, pine cone wreath (7)


And of course the little lights like wonderful at night .


Excuse the horrible phone image, but you get the idea.


Life is good when you can spend it playing and decorating. 


And maybe today your life will become a little more fun too, because you have found today’s givewaway.



Today it is my honor again to host the giveaway for this series. So what’ye gonna get? Well that is a surprise. Think of me as your Secret Santa, except Santa is not the surprise but the gift is. After all you don’t know what is in those packages underneath the Christmas tree either. 

Just know it will be a Songbird special. A touch of Dutch, something handmade, and hopefully right up your decorating-loving- alley. 

So how do you get another chance to win this surprise packet? 

You will have to use the Rafflecopter Widget below to enter.

Complete the following sentence: Without ……. it just isn’t Christmas (fill in the blank)

Additional / Bonus entries are available for following each of us on Pinterest.  That’s right, you can enter this giveaway SIX times!

The Rafflecopter Widget will appear below this sentence. Please give it a few seconds to load. Thanks!



a Rafflecopter giveaway



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  1. Grey says

    Seeing these decorations as I left or came home would put me in such a good mood. Nature has such elegance! I am having such a great time seeing what you come up with each day as well as the other bloggers. Thank you for the chance for a giveaway too.

  2. JuneA** says

    Marianne, your back-up singers are perfect! I love the extra touch especially with the pinecones and candles underneath the main centerpiece. All your extra effects would make me smile everytime I came home! Thanks for a chance to win!

    • JuneA** says

      There is something wrong with the Rafflecopter form. It has Shanty 2 Chic as the host and the extra entries are twitter.

  3. says


    Your outside decorating is swoonworthy! I love it! I adore that picture with the table and the wreath! Thank you so much for inspiring me today!


  4. says

    My goodness… that centrepiece indeed makes a statement… a gorgeous one! I can’t imagine being able to sit outside this time of year here but I sure wish I could! Your outdoor space is amazing.

  5. Emilou says

    Love the choir!!!! I can see sitting outside and hearing Christmas music. Thank you bringing our imagination to the forefront. So calming, serene.

  6. Marilyn says

    Aw. I was a bit sad that most of the entries for the giveaway involved Pinterest. I am purposefully avoiding Pinterest, because I KNOW that I would be addicted! :-) But that’s OK. At least I have one entry.

    Merry Christmas!

  7. Sue Chesley says

    I love your outdoor decorating creations – just this inspiration I need to get busy. Thank you and thanks for the giveaway offer…

    Merry Christmas!