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An autumnal birthday banner


   Last week My Love celebrated his birthday. We celebrated it with a small get-together with family but I really wanted to give him at least one personalized gift. When I saw Sandy’s project of an autumn banner in artist class I knew what to do. … [Continue reading...]

How to revamp a shirt into a pillow


Hi you guys, I’m back! We have been so busy! The preparations for the garage sale, the sale itself and then dealing with the late comers who decided days after that they wanted to buy something. But I am not complaining we did really well. On … [Continue reading...]

Garage sale


Remember the big clear-out of my in-laws house? Well you didn’t think we were finished after getting 6 dumpsters of junk out of that house, now did you?! Or that my shopping sprees where I was thrifting at the in-laws got rid of anything good that … [Continue reading...]

Pillow Love


I am really loving my blanket. The dark and stormy days of autumn have arrived and I just love to snuggle on the couch with a cup of tea, an interesting read and my new blanket. Mijn nieuwe zelfgemaakte deken bevalt erg goed. Hij is heerlijk zacht en … [Continue reading...]

Window Mistreatment


Did you ever get yourself in trouble like this? I do it all the time. Take this example. A very dear friend of mine was coming over and would stay the night. So what did I do? Clean the house, change the sheets, go grocery shopping, fluff the house? … [Continue reading...]

It’s all about me


Have you seen Natasha’s party today? She is hosting an ‘It’s all about me’ party. Everyone participating is doing a project all for themselves, just something that you’d always wanted to do but never took the time to realize. You should go over there … [Continue reading...]

A Methamorphosis of a different kind


  I live in one of the oldest cities in my country (and in Europe for that matter), and for a long time in history it used to be a Roman Catholic centre. My city is loaded with old churches, monasteries, convents and chapels. These old … [Continue reading...]

New nest


Have you noticed I blog in a new nest? Hard to miss isn’t it. This is what I have been working so hard at these last couple of weeks. And it is the reason I have not been over at your blogs, let alone write posts for my own. It has cost me years of … [Continue reading...]

Dear Anonymous

    You have left me two messages with specific questions. (or are there two Anonymouses asking me questions). I would love to give you an answer but how? So Dear Anonymous, if you want an answer from me, please leave me your email address or … [Continue reading...]