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Dear Anonymous

    You have left me two messages with specific questions. (or are there two Anonymouses asking me questions). I would love to give you an answer but how? So Dear Anonymous, if you want an answer from me, please leave me your email address or … [Continue reading...]

Fabulous Fall Fluffing


Welcome into our Fall home. Lovely isn’t she our Fall wreath on the front door. Come on in and take a closer look. Sit down and relax, and enjoy my Fall center piece while I’ll go put the kettle on. Ah, you have noticed my glass collection. … [Continue reading...]

Embracing the unwanted

homemade Fall blanket

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about the differences in home decoration style between me and My Love. I added an image of My love’s ideal living room. Ingrid commented that she was most shocked by the big orange sofa in the middle of the room. Toen … [Continue reading...]

The end of Brocante Season


This is the last Thrifty Treasures Monday Party over at Rhoda’s Southern Hospitality blog and for the occasion I visited one of the last Brocante markets in Belgium.Het Brocante seizoen is hier bijna afgelopen en omdat Rhoda ook voor de laatste keer … [Continue reading...]

Celebrate your life


Last weekend I visited an aunt and uncle of mine. My aunt is in her eighties and old age is not her friend. She lost most of her hearing years ago. She learned to cope with that. A couple of years ago she fell and hurt her shoulder so bad that she … [Continue reading...]

Why I’ve got glue in my hair


These past few weeks I have been busy cutting and gluing cards. I thought it was high time I showed them to you. If you follow Elly’s blog My Everyday Things, you might have already seen this card. If you do not know her blog, you are really missing … [Continue reading...]

My Cath Kidston experience


Hi there, I am back from my working trip to London and as promised I am here to show you some of my Cath Kidston pictures. I was lucky to get these because I had already shot about 10 pictures when I was told picture taking was not allowed. Hoi, Ik … [Continue reading...]

The glamour of international travel


Guess where I am? I am in London. Last week I was down with the flu. The weekend was wasted reinstalling my computer after a crash (take it from me: go back up your files NOW!). And here I am in London for a three day meeting. Most of the time I … [Continue reading...]

A Swap from Heaven


I received the best swap package EVER. No doubt. Look and admire and envy me! A couple of months ago I had a moment of courage. I approached Lori from A Faerie Window if she would be interested in a personal swap. I was a (secret) admirer of her … [Continue reading...]