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Garage sale


Remember the big clear-out of my in-laws house? Well you didn’t think we were finished after getting 6 dumpsters of junk out of that house, now did you?! Or that my shopping sprees where I was thrifting at the in-laws got rid of anything good that … [Continue reading...]

Pillow Love


I am really loving my blanket. The dark and stormy days of autumn have arrived and I just love to snuggle on the couch with a cup of tea, an interesting read and my new blanket. Mijn nieuwe zelfgemaakte deken bevalt erg goed. Hij is heerlijk zacht en … [Continue reading...]

Window Mistreatment


Did you ever get yourself in trouble like this? I do it all the time. Take this example. A very dear friend of mine was coming over and would stay the night. So what did I do? Clean the house, change the sheets, go grocery shopping, fluff the house? … [Continue reading...]

It’s all about me


Have you seen Natasha’s party today? She is hosting an ‘It’s all about me’ party. Everyone participating is doing a project all for themselves, just something that you’d always wanted to do but never took the time to realize. You should go over there … [Continue reading...]

A Methamorphosis of a different kind


  I live in one of the oldest cities in my country (and in Europe for that matter), and for a long time in history it used to be a Roman Catholic centre. My city is loaded with old churches, monasteries, convents and chapels. These old … [Continue reading...]

New nest


Have you noticed I blog in a new nest? Hard to miss isn’t it. This is what I have been working so hard at these last couple of weeks. And it is the reason I have not been over at your blogs, let alone write posts for my own. It has cost me years of … [Continue reading...]

Dear Anonymous

    You have left me two messages with specific questions. (or are there two Anonymouses asking me questions). I would love to give you an answer but how? So Dear Anonymous, if you want an answer from me, please leave me your email address or … [Continue reading...]

Fabulous Fall Fluffing


Welcome into our Fall home. Lovely isn’t she our Fall wreath on the front door. Come on in and take a closer look. Sit down and relax, and enjoy my Fall center piece while I’ll go put the kettle on. Ah, you have noticed my glass collection. … [Continue reading...]

Embracing the unwanted

homemade Fall blanket

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about the differences in home decoration style between me and My Love. I added an image of My love’s ideal living room. Ingrid commented that she was most shocked by the big orange sofa in the middle of the room. Toen … [Continue reading...]