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Ok then, My 2010 Resolutions

I know, I know I am rather late in line but I still want to share my new year’s resolutions with you, Accountability and all, you get my drift. And since you are all such good friends I trust you to encourage me, lead me on and give me a kick in the … [Continue reading...]

Make Your Blog More Beautiful


I have been featured! Yeah my little homemade blog got the thumps up from a real blogging pro. Amanda from Beautiful Blog Designs, included my blog in her ‘Beautiful Blogs’ series. I am so happy and over the moon by this. I know I am happy with my … [Continue reading...]

Top 10 Makeover Projects of 2009

Ok you guys before I start to bore you to tears inspire you with all of my plans for 2010 I thought it was good to look back first. Making plans and resolutions always leaves me feeling a bit discouraged, so much to do, so much to improve (especially … [Continue reading...]

My Winter White Vignette: A Question of Elimination

glass, snow and candles winter decoration

    Christmas has left our nest. Today I got rid of all the Christmas decorations and reluctantly got into ‘back to work’ mood. Vandaag heb ik alle kerstdecoraties opgeruimd en ben ik begonnen met de mentale voorbereiding op het ‘weer aan het … [Continue reading...]

All The Things I Haven’t Done


This Tuesday is officially day six of my Christmas holiday and after sharing so many projects with you lately, let’s get real again. Here is my first list I am going to share with you now (be prepared I am all about lists especially around this time … [Continue reading...]

Fashion advice for Christmas


Well ladies now that our houses our all dressed up nicely for Christmas the next big question comes to mind. What shall we wear for Christmas? On a recent trip to Amsterdam I took some (illegal) pictures just so I could provide you with some … [Continue reading...]

Table scape

Table scape

[Continue reading...]

Christmas in the Kitchen

Christmas decoration from homemade ornaments

Fabric Ornaments Garland on Kitchen Shelves     Christmas has entered my kitchen too. Last year I experimented with some red and white accents in the kitchen and I loved that look so much that this year I took it a little further. You have … [Continue reading...]

How to decorate for Christmas when you don’t have a mantel

red, silver and white Christmas mantel display

Christmas Decorations in Red, Silver and Gold   Hello visitor, be Welcome. If you came over from the Nesters Holiday Party we may not have met yet. I am Songbird (but since we are all friends here you can call me Marianne) and I am so glad … [Continue reading...]