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One for the team


  Tonight the soccer frenzy will start and everything will start to turn orange again. I am not into decorating my house with orange balloons and flags and lions and whatnots. And I am not nearly as creative as Jeanette, from Just Jeanette who … [Continue reading...]

A true inspiration


Well I promised I´d show and tell you a bit more about the things I have been doing with my sister while she was here. We didn´t waste anytime that´s for sure. We did lots of different things. We went shopping in my hometown and in Antwerpen. We … [Continue reading...]

Confession time


I have been tagged by Lilli Mand have to tell either 7 weird things about myself or answer 5 questions.Well I decided that since I have been away from my blog so much I might as well do both. So that y´ll will finally have something to read again. … [Continue reading...]

She did it!


My big sis got her PhD this week. We can now all call her doctor. Tuesday she defended her thesis in front of all her family and friends to a bunch of critical professors. She did great. It may have been a surprise to her, because she was very … [Continue reading...]

A makeover


I'm having so much fun with my sister that I really haven't had time to blog very much. But I prepared another post in advance, so that you all would have something to read while I hang out with my sis. In the middle of all the busyness of … [Continue reading...]

Walk with me

Graffiti heart

Last week I decided to walk to work instead of taking my bike as usual. It was a beautiful clear sunny morning and I brought my camera with me. So if you want, walk with me, and I'll show you some of the sights along my route. The first picture is of … [Continue reading...]

She’s coming


As we speak my sister who lives in New Zealand is flying overhere. She will be staying for the whole month of May. And I am so looking forward to putting my arms around her in a few hours.     Of course this means that I have to get up at 3 a.m. … [Continue reading...]

It’s white….. again


I don't know what happened to us, maybe we got a spring fever. But last week we decided that enough is enough and that we needed to take action. And active we were. My Love took a vacation day before the weekend and in three days we repainted the … [Continue reading...]

Thriftshop finds


I am just in time to participate in Anja´s challenge. I went to two different thriftshops and my firtst brocante market of the year in Belgium. I found lots of usefull and not so usefull things. Some of my finds will turn up here later because they … [Continue reading...]