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Playing around


This weekend I have had lots of fun playing around with some of my recent purchases. Come and look at how I have fun.Afgelopen weekend heb ik me heerlijk geamuseerd met het spelen met mijn nieuwe aanwinsten. Geniet maar even mee. At Ikea I bought … [Continue reading...]

Home alone


Home alone and don’t feel like cooking. Life is good.   … [Continue reading...]

Finally some me time


I have been so busy lately that I didn’t feel I was living, but instead it felt more as if I was being lived. But today I decided that enough is enough I wanted to do something just for me again. And of course that meant I spent some serious … [Continue reading...]

My new craft room


Wow, I didn’t blog for a long time. It was a totally unexpected blog break and completely due to the fact I was too busy running around, going up and down stairs and carrying stuff here, there and back, to sit down and try to write anything.Hallo, ik … [Continue reading...]

And the winner is…….


Here is the result of my first giveaway. It was great fun to participate in Kim’s 3d Mai Cottage Charm giveaway and I am so happy that so many people visited my blog and entered my surprise ‘blind date’ gift drawing. I used a  number generator to … [Continue reading...]

Beautiful Barcelona

24 Barcelona_001 (2)

While you all were signing up for my giveaway, we were enjoying the sun in Spain. We are back from a few days in beautiful Barcelona in Spain. A couple of weeks ago I was invited to speak at a small conference held last Thursday by the University of … [Continue reading...]

I never thought I’d make it


  This is it!! I have reached 100. Who would have thought that when I started a blog a little over a year ago. NOT ME! But here I am, writing my centennial blog entry. Reaching this milestone made me think about this blogging year and all … [Continue reading...]

What I have learned

The past three weekends (and a few more yet to come) have been dedicated completely to clearing out my in-laws house. Three generations have lived and died in that house, all of them leaving a heritage of stuff behind. We have filled three dumpsters … [Continue reading...]

Always better on Mondays


My ankle is healing nicely. Thank you so much for all your lovely caring comments, they meant so much to me. Being forced to slow down is a total mood killer. On normal working days I long for the opportunity to nest on my couch with a pot of hot … [Continue reading...]