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Sending an angel

angel card

A dear aunt of mine is battling with cancer. To let her know that I am thinking of her, I made her a cart.I am sending her a little (guardian) angel to watch over her, until she is well again. And I would like to thank all of you who came over and … [Continue reading...]

May I introduce to you: my dress form

how to make a mannequin vintage dress form

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present: Marie-Louise I wanted a dress form forever, and I have looked for them everywhere. The really beautiful ones, the old antiques, were way out of my price range and I thought the new ones were still … [Continue reading...]

Looking for balance


I have been looking for balance in my life.Balance between My head and my heartWork and playWhat I need to do and what I want to doThinking and feelingWhat I expect of myself and what the world expects of meSelf care and caring for othersFriendship … [Continue reading...]

What I’ve been up to


My week of from work is almost over. Tomorrow the daily grind begins again. But I've had a very good and productive week. I didn't get to celebrate carnaval after all, or make pictures of other people celebrating. My back and neck just wouldn't … [Continue reading...]

Carnaval. And finally you get to see some photographs of me


Feel free to download this picture and use it in your artwork. And if you do I would love it if you’d show it to me. Tomorrow is the official start of Carnaval. The big celebration before lent. For three days everyone can forget all their worries, … [Continue reading...]

February, the month of love


In honor of February the month of Valentine, I had to photograph LOVE for my photography course. And I must admit I cheated a bit. A few months ago (before I started my photo lessons) I took a snapshot of one of my friends with her baby girl. To me … [Continue reading...]



Until this year I never cared for Valentines day. I thought, still do actually, that it is a commercialized day that the retail industry forces on us. But I must admit I do like all the fluff that goes with it. The little hearts, roses and of … [Continue reading...]

Inspirational movies


Some movies I can watch over and over. Usually because I mainly watch them for the beautiful dresses. These are a few of my favorites. Of course there are the three Sissi movies with the fabulous Romy Schneider. Was there ever a more beautiful … [Continue reading...]

Photo assignment


In January I had to do another photo assignment for my photo course.We had to make a series about four related 'things'.I decided to include all four items in one photograph (my teacher was very surprised by this plan).This is the photo I have handed … [Continue reading...]