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His and her decorating style


Country Living I know I have already told you on more than one occasion that My Love and I do not share the same decorating style. Just because it is fun, and because you might be able to help me out a bit, I thought I’d show you just how different … [Continue reading...]

The easiest of Fall makeovers


I have started to decorate for Fall. With the weather we have had this last week it seemed fitting. I have started outside. We are currently working on our terrace, it will become a lot larger and I am happy about that. I am not so happy about the … [Continue reading...]

Make your blogging more blissful

Tara Fey Blogging for Bliss

Do you share my addiction for reading blogs? Do you feel as guilty as I do for spending way to much time in front of the computer? Do you have the bloggers butt I have? Would you like to make your blog-reading better? Proberen jullie ook zo veel … [Continue reading...]

Office chair makeover

Office chair makeover sideview

Last week I showed you a more than ordinary office chair. You know the kind basic, black and boring. But I wanted a comfortable office chair that I could adjust in height and that could easily swirl between my desks. So when I found one for next to … [Continue reading...]

Three reasons why everybody should swap.


Sneak peak of the fan I just send of to Canada for the Rococo fan swap “We should swap? Swap what?” I hear you thinking. And no I don’t mean we should swap houses, husbands or blogs or anything like that. Don’t worry!I just want to share one of my … [Continue reading...]

Beach at the Nest


We are having a beach party over at the Shabby Chic Cottage! Gina is our host and we are all invited. Will you join us?In de Shabby Chic Cottage is er vandaag een strandfuif, ik feest mee, jullie ook? I didn’t think I had much of a beach cottage … [Continue reading...]

I found a new thrift store!


I found a new thrift store and it is a great one. I live in the border region of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany are really close by. I have already discovered Belgium as a great place to visit Brocante markets, but for some reason I had … [Continue reading...]

Cupboard Makeover – an Ikea Hack

Cupboard makeover detail chicken wire

I have been stretching my DIY muscles and I have been working with power tools! And it was much more fun than I expected. So I did a little tutorial on what I did, come check it out. I gave an old Ikea cupboard a total makeover. The cupboard is at … [Continue reading...]

Why I feel very blessed


It has been a truly wonderful (blogging) week for me. I feel very blessed. You were all so kind and supportive about my posts on the army trunk, my Revamp It and my thrift shop makeovers. I never before got so many comments and I treasured each and … [Continue reading...]