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The colors of the Provence

sun flowers

Our holiday in France was wonderful. We had beautiful weather, stayed in a cozy cottage that lay in the centre of a wonderful part of France, the Provence.We zijn weer terug van onze vakantie in de Provence. Het was een heerlijke tijd, waarin we met … [Continue reading...]

Thrifting at the in-laws. Part III The big stuff


  We are back home, the laundry is done (ha I wish) and I am ready for some serious blogging. So get ready for lots of photo's from my holiday in France and from various past, present and future projects (I still have two weeks before I have to go to … [Continue reading...]

At the French Flea Market

French Flea Market

Hi there,I am here to announce a very special episode in my series of lucky thrifty finds. Here is, directly from the heart of France, an impression of thrifting at the French flea market, or vide Greniers (empty attic) as they are called here.Hallo … [Continue reading...]

Thrifting at the in-laws. Part II Porcelain and thread


Last week I got so many nice reactions to my first episode of Thrifting at the in-laws, that I decided to continue the series this week. This week I am going to show you some dishware I was given and some interesting pieces of fabric stuff.Voor het … [Continue reading...]

Playing with plates

tablescape in red and white

The other day we had some friends over for breakfast. And what did I do instead of baking breakfast rolls or pressing oranges? Exactly you guessed, I played with plates. Van de week hadden we vrienden uitgenodigd voor het ontbijt. Maar in plaats van … [Continue reading...]

Some things I want to show you


Recently I send of a package to a dear blog friend. Since she has received the package by now, I can show you the card I made for her.Verleden week stuurde ik een pakketje naar Marjolijn van Something White. Inmiddels is het er gearriveerd dus nu kan … [Continue reading...]

Thrifting at the in-laws. Part 1. Paper Crafts


For some weeks now I have promised you a peek in some of the things I brought home with me from the clean-out at my in-laws. To be totally honest, more than a few boxes of miscellaneous stuff and quite a few big pieces of furniture found their way … [Continue reading...]

How I hacked Wolford

attach white collar and cuffs to a black sweater for a slim fitting look

Slim fitting black sweater with 'faux' white blouse     I am not much of a fashion queen, but I do like my clothes to ‘do’ something for me. Preferably hide my imperfections perfectly. I love the look of a pullover or cardigan over a … [Continue reading...]

Playing around


This weekend I have had lots of fun playing around with some of my recent purchases. Come and look at how I have fun.Afgelopen weekend heb ik me heerlijk geamuseerd met het spelen met mijn nieuwe aanwinsten. Geniet maar even mee. At Ikea I bought … [Continue reading...]