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Merry Christmas to you all!

easy Christmas decorating idea for table with glass candles

  Glass & Mirrors Table Decoration for Christmas     Only two more nights and it will be Christmas morning. I wish you all a peaceful Christmas with lots of love, laughter and fun.   Enjoy the Christmas break! The new year … [Continue reading...]

Oh please help me, I found yet another hobby!


For some time now I have been admiring all those beautiful colllage arts I see on many blogs. So slowly I started to collect some materials. Some sheet music, old books, inks, stamps, vintage cards. And then these past weeks I started to … [Continue reading...]

Christmas on my mind

personalized Christmas decorations in red white in the kitchen

Red & White Christmas Decorations on my Kitchen Shelves     I have begun with my Christmas preparations. The kitchen was one of the first places I started. I added some decorations to my wall shelves.   Altered Christmas Balls with … [Continue reading...]

Tales of a traveling suitcase


Once upon a time there was a little red suitcase. The suitcase lived high up in an attic with his friends but although he loved his friends the suitcase always wanted to be somewhere else. He wanted to go out and explore and meet new friends. So … [Continue reading...]



  My photography course is at the local arts and crafts centre. Right now there are having an exhibition of the art projects of the Textiles group. Since I had my camera with me (rather logical when you are on your way to a photography course … [Continue reading...]

Shopping in Pori


  OK here it comes, some impressions of my Pori shopping experience. As I said a lot of shops were already in the Christmas mood. These candy sticks looked really jummy stuffed like this in a big jar.     Red and white were allover the … [Continue reading...]

No snow in Finland


I am back. Back home, and back on the Internet. While I was gone My Love took action and made the cable company come over and fix our problem. I guess I should go away more often if the result is that the man in my life gets things moving... Finland … [Continue reading...]

Where am I? Part Two


Suprise!!!No I still don't have access to the Internet at home. But I am not at home. I am in Finland. I am in Pori, Finland in a hotel room with (slow and unreliable ) internet. And I took my laptop with me, just so that I could blog. Now how is … [Continue reading...]

Autumn decorations


Inspired by my walnut raft I decided to add some more fall decorations to my living room. I love all the different browns together. And of course a touch of orange. I went looking all around my house for objects with the right colour palette. A … [Continue reading...]