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15 Wonderful Summer Mantel Ideas

Thumb 15 summer mantel ideas

Howdie folks. This weekend project summerification will go into overdrive. I am so inspired and I have so many ideas rattling around in my brain it is frightening. Of course this is because inspiration is so easy to find these days. With my own … [Continue reading...]

Nesting Place Book Giveaway (closed)

nesting place decorating book thumb

Hi ladies (and men), I have a surprise for you today. I am having a book giveaway. And not just any book. But the book that is already THE BOOK OF 2014. I am giving away a copy of The Nesting Place ~ it doesn't have to be perfect to … [Continue reading...]

Look at the Vintage Crochet Blanket I found

thumb white vintage crochet blanket bedroom

Oops, I did it again..... I went flea market hunting.... I came home with a vintage crochet blanket..... She is beautiful!     She looks so good on our bed. Beautiful contrast between the clear bright white bedspread … [Continue reading...]

Summer Beach Mantel

thumb summer mantel decoration photo frames beach

Are you ready for part 2 of project summerification? Good! Cause here is my Summer Beach Mantel 2014   You might recognize the basic set-up, since it is my layered photo frame mantel that I did at the beginning of the year. I … [Continue reading...]

Beach Lanterns { operation summerification has begun}

thumb beach lanterns diy decor

Hello everyone, operation summerification has begun at the Nest. A happy, easy beach lanterns DIY was just the thing to get my summer house decorating started. I am a bit late to start summerizing my home. But that's okay. For me summer starts in … [Continue reading...]

10 Reasons to Love New York City

thumb 10 reasons to love new york

Hi there, before I managed to lose the whole month of May, April went out with a bang. We made a great trip to our most favorite city in the whole world, New York City.  So it is only over a month late, (but who is counting) but let me show you why I … [Continue reading...]

Healing with Flowers

thumb white roses on night stand

  Hi there, I am back... Again..... Showing you the healing powers of flowers.....     Turns out I was a bit optimistic in my last post. I wrote it Monday morning, and was feeling fine. Then everything turned … [Continue reading...]

A Day in the Sun

Thumb Walking around Noorbeek Limburg 5

Hello everyone! I am back! Thank you for all your well wishes, it definitely helped.     It took some time to feel like things were going in the right direction, but I think I have finally turned a corner and I am close to … [Continue reading...]

I’ll be back soon


Hi, you guys,     I just wanted to let you know that I am a bit under the weather at the moment. I'll be back soon with lots of news and decorating goodies.   CU on the other side of this. … [Continue reading...]