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Lamp Makeover: How to make a Wooden Candle Stick from a Lamp Stand

thumb lamp stand candle stick 1

Howdie folks,  The most glorious Spring weather has been bestowed on us, and I have been gobbling it up with big, happy gulps. One of the things I have been doing, is some thrifting. And look at my latest score:     Isn't she gorgeous? … [Continue reading...]

20 Creative Ideas for Decorating with Ladders

thumb 20 ideas for decorating with ladders

Blogging definitely has sparked a few "wants" in my life. And today's gallery is a prime example of that. I want more ladders in my life. The blogosphere has taught me just how versatile they are. I had fun putting together these 20 creative ideas … [Continue reading...]

More Flowers Today. Grape Hyacinths Indoors Decoration

thumb grape hyacinths indoors decoration 5

Can you tell I am itching for Spring? I have so many flowers in my house right now and I am planning to get some more.  Must be the dullness of this February and the absolute dreariness of my garden, that makes me want to bring nature … [Continue reading...]

5 tips for his and her decorating

thumb Ikea Hemnes mirror in bedroom with repurposed wood headboard and blue bedding #

I received an email from good housekeeping! Now that is a joke, I am many things, but a housekeeper? A homemaker full of good intentions perhaps, a wannabe decorator for sure, but a housekeeper, let alone a good … [Continue reading...]

A different way of flower arranging, playing with pink tulips

thumb pink tulips nested in round vase 3

Happy Monday y'all. Here are some flowers for you to brighten up the start of a new week. How was your weekend? I hope it was romantic, and kind and fun and just what you needed.  Mine was. For the first time in our relationship, we had a … [Continue reading...]

40 Inspirational and Beautiful Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

thumb Easter Egg Ideas

I was looking for a few easter egg decorating ideas. It got out of hand. I couldn't stop. They were all so gorgeous and fun, and romantic or modern, and crafty or simple. I love them all. I hope you do … [Continue reading...]

Happy Valentines Day to You!

thumb hand drawn heart with crosses in frame

Good day my sweets.  I am just here to wish you all a Happy Valentines Day!       My your day be filled with love and joy!     I wish you music and laughter in your life and lots of wild … [Continue reading...]

More glass jars, more flowers, more crafting, more beauty

thumb rainbow colored glass jars

Hello members of the flock. I've got a little more crafting to show you. Crafting of the non-perfect, strictly amateur but oh so fun and gratifying kind. Oh and there are glass jars involved. And flowers. And flowers in glass jars.  One can never … [Continue reading...]

Tips & Tricks DIY Colored Glass Jars

thumb colored glass jars Valentines decoration 4

Hi gals (and guys?), in spite of myself I think I have Valentines day on my mind. You see, I think I made a little Valentines vignette. I didn't plan it, it sort of  just happened.  Recently I had a fun afternoon crafting with my sister. We … [Continue reading...]