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25 Creative Ways to Recycle Lamps and Lamp Parts

thumb 25 ways to recycle lamps and lamp parts

Well, even though my little series is over and that one thrifted lamp has been thoroughly repurposed, I just can't get enough of lamps. So to give you even more ideas on what to do with an old (thrifted) lamp I have gathered up some ideas. They all … [Continue reading...]

Homemade Modern Lamp

thumb modern homemade lamp

Yeah, I made it. This is the fifth project in my little repurposed lamp series.  Okay, can you guess what I made the last remaining parts of my lamp into? I made a ......... ........ wait for it........ A LAMP!!!     How is that … [Continue reading...]

Homemade Leaf Wreath

thumb homemade leaf wreath

Oj, can you believe it. Four days in a row and I am still showing projects I made from that one single thrifted old lamp. Maybe today's project isn't as much as a surprise? If you have been following along you know exactly what piece was left from … [Continue reading...]

How to make a floating tea light holder

thumb floating tea light holder

Hello my sweets, Are you ready for it? Really? Wanna see what else I did with my old thrifted lamp? Right! Today's project brings more light into our lives.     The first project I made from my old lamp was a turning the wooden … [Continue reading...]

From Lampshade to Topiary

thumb lampshade turned topiary 8

Well hello again. Ready for episode 2 in my series of what to do with an old thrifted lamp? Right. Let's get this going again.     I have added a bit of green to my life. Nice real, growing greens in the form of a topiary.  Remember what … [Continue reading...]

Lamp Makeover: How to make a Wooden Candle Stick from a Lamp Stand

thumb lamp stand candle stick 1

Howdie folks,  The most glorious Spring weather has been bestowed on us, and I have been gobbling it up with big, happy gulps. One of the things I have been doing, is some thrifting. And look at my latest score:     Isn't she gorgeous? … [Continue reading...]

20 Creative Ideas for Decorating with Ladders

thumb 20 ideas for decorating with ladders

Blogging definitely has sparked a few "wants" in my life. And today's gallery is a prime example of that. I want more ladders in my life. The blogosphere has taught me just how versatile they are. I had fun putting together these 20 creative ideas … [Continue reading...]

More Flowers Today. Grape Hyacinths Indoors Decoration

thumb grape hyacinths indoors decoration 5

Can you tell I am itching for Spring? I have so many flowers in my house right now and I am planning to get some more.  Must be the dullness of this February and the absolute dreariness of my garden, that makes me want to bring nature … [Continue reading...]

5 tips for his and her decorating

thumb Ikea Hemnes mirror in bedroom with repurposed wood headboard and blue bedding #

I received an email from good housekeeping! Now that is a joke, I am many things, but a housekeeper? A homemaker full of good intentions perhaps, a wannabe decorator for sure, but a housekeeper, let alone a good … [Continue reading...]