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A little paper project. A thrifted box makeover.

heart box pretty papers and chocolates thumb

Hello my friends. Today I share a mini makeover with you. A little paper project I did while in the middle of stringing shells and driftwood (project summerification is still going strong). A dear friend of mine was in dire need of some chocolate and … [Continue reading...]

A little more Summer Beach Decor

summer beach house decor thumb

Happy Monday y'all. Ready for another summer vignette in your life? Ready for another little summer beach decor? Good! Here you go......       I guess you could say this is another one of my so easy, so simple … [Continue reading...]

15 Wonderful Summer Mantel Ideas

Thumb 15 summer mantel ideas

Howdie folks. This weekend project summerification will go into overdrive. I am so inspired and I have so many ideas rattling around in my brain it is frightening. Of course this is because inspiration is so easy to find these days. With my own … [Continue reading...]

Nesting Place Book Giveaway (closed)

nesting place decorating book thumb

Hi ladies (and men), I have a surprise for you today. I am having a book giveaway. And not just any book. But the book that is already THE BOOK OF 2014. I am giving away a copy of The Nesting Place ~ it doesn't have to be perfect to … [Continue reading...]

Look at the Vintage Crochet Blanket I found

thumb white vintage crochet blanket bedroom

Oops, I did it again..... I went flea market hunting.... I came home with a vintage crochet blanket..... She is beautiful!     She looks so good on our bed. Beautiful contrast between the clear bright white bedspread … [Continue reading...]

Summer Beach Mantel

thumb summer mantel decoration photo frames beach

Are you ready for part 2 of project summerification? Good! Cause here is my Summer Beach Mantel 2014   You might recognize the basic set-up, since it is my layered photo frame mantel that I did at the beginning of the year. I … [Continue reading...]

Beach Lanterns { operation summerification has begun}

thumb beach lanterns diy decor

Hello everyone, operation summerification has begun at the Nest. A happy, easy beach lanterns DIY was just the thing to get my summer house decorating started. I am a bit late to start summerizing my home. But that's okay. For me summer starts in … [Continue reading...]

10 Reasons to Love New York City

thumb 10 reasons to love new york

Hi there, before I managed to lose the whole month of May, April went out with a bang. We made a great trip to our most favorite city in the whole world, New York City.  So it is only over a month late, (but who is counting) but let me show you why I … [Continue reading...]

Healing with Flowers

thumb white roses on night stand

  Hi there, I am back... Again..... Showing you the healing powers of flowers.....     Turns out I was a bit optimistic in my last post. I wrote it Monday morning, and was feeling fine. Then everything turned … [Continue reading...]