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Happy Valentines Day to You!

thumb hand drawn heart with crosses in frame

Good day my sweets.  I am just here to wish you all a Happy Valentines Day!       My your day be filled with love and joy!     I wish you music and laughter in your life and lots of wild … [Continue reading...]

More glass jars, more flowers, more crafting, more beauty

thumb rainbow colored glass jars

Hello members of the flock. I've got a little more crafting to show you. Crafting of the non-perfect, strictly amateur but oh so fun and gratifying kind. Oh and there are glass jars involved. And flowers. And flowers in glass jars.  One can never … [Continue reading...]

Tips & Tricks DIY Colored Glass Jars

thumb colored glass jars Valentines decoration 4

Hi gals (and guys?), in spite of myself I think I have Valentines day on my mind. You see, I think I made a little Valentines vignette. I didn't plan it, it sort of  just happened.  Recently I had a fun afternoon crafting with my sister. We … [Continue reading...]

Let’s walk on the wild side….

thumb winter langs de Maas in Maastricht 7 copy

Still no winter here in the low lands. Sometimes I think there is just so much cold to distribute in one winter and North-America is being hit so hard that there is none left for us. Sorry North-America....  Mild temperatures, occasional rain and … [Continue reading...]

Layered Photo Frame Mantel Decoration

thumb photo display mantel

Well hello again, so glad you are visiting me today. I've got something to show you today that I am so so happy about. Look what I did this weekend:     I gave my 'mantel' a makeover! I created a Layered Photo Frame Mantel Decoration. … [Continue reading...]

Spring Mantel Ideas

Thumb 19 Spring Mantel Ideas

It is raining and howling with winds and cold and grey here. What better time than to dream about Spring. Dream with me as we visit these gorgeous Spring mantel ideas and let's get inspired. Enjoy!       … [Continue reading...]

Let’s Have a Snack {Almond Coconut Bites Recipe}

thumb almond coconut chocolate bites 1

Sometimes I amaze myself... I came up with my own recipe... All by myself.... Inspired by Starbucks..... You will taste the love in these so easy, so yummy almond coconut bites, my friends.     But let me start by saying thank you. … [Continue reading...]

Enough is enough! My simple white winter flower decoration

thumb white winter vignette with crocus bulbs

Blogging and Pinterest and the internet is a wonderful thing. We get to peep into other people's lives and homes and make friends along the way. And yet.... Sometimes I hate it all too. Everyone and the rest of them out there, seems to have it all … [Continue reading...]

Feathering the nest {bedroom decorations update}

thumb bedroom decorations neutral colors

Good day my sweets! Happy Monday to you. I have been feathering the nest. Quite literally actually, as in I have added a bunch of feathers to my nest bedroom. Look at this bedroom decorations update, my Juju hats have found a new … [Continue reading...]