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Howdie ladies.

This is just a quickie because I am soooooo busy having fun on my Spring break, and my crime novel beckons me.

But just today while I was painting yet another thing white, I was thinking about paint colors and how you can see a color somewhere sometime and it can be so hard to capture that color and find it in paint.

And then I realized that months ago I downloaded this app on my IPhone, that helps me to do just that. Capture a color and translate it into a paint color.

Do you know Sherwin Williams Colorsnap for IPhone or Blackberry?

Sherwin williams app


It really is a cool little app. You can take a picture of something you see, like a great book cover while shopping, or save a copy while browsing the internet, and then select a color in that. And than the app will search for the matching Sherwin Williams color. It also shows you the palette of matching colors that would go well with it.


  • Create a custom palette or Ask Sherwin-Williams for colors that complement your color.
  • Search for specific colors or browse the full Sherwin-Williams color palette right from your iPhone or Blackberry.
  • Fine tune colors using lightness, saturation and hue features.
  • Save colors to your “My Saved Colors” library to compare palettes or share with friends and family via Facebook and email.
  • Learn detailed color information, including color names, RGB values, and LRV numbers—all with the ColorSnap app.
  • Find a Sherwin-Williams Store Near You

Walking around in hour house with your phone and snapping pictures allows you to make your own color book of the colors you use. Always handy to have at hand. Don’t you think?

As I said I downloaded that beauty a couple of months ago. I was hoping I could use the info and go to my paint store and have them look up the matching colors for Dutch paint brands. Didn’t work. Apparently the codes and numbers that are used to describe paint colors are not international. So much for a small world. I kind off forgot about the app. But there is hope for us Dutch ladies. The Dutch brand Histor made an app just like it (do you think SW and Histor could be related?). So now I have my own usable app. (continued in Dutch, bye bye).

En nu in het Nederlands!

Ok dames, zoals ik hierboven al aangaf stuitte ik een paar maanden geleden op een app voor mijn IPhone die het mogelijk maakt om kleuren die je om je heen ziet vast te leggen en er dan de verfcode bij te vinden. Helaas was die app van het Amerikaanse merk Sherwin Williams, en ondanks dat men zegt dat de wereld maar klein is, geld dat helaas niet in de verfbranche. Met de Sherwin Williams kleurcodes konden ze bij mijn verfwinkel niet uit de voeten. Maar niet getreurd er is nu ook een Nederlandse versie van Histor.

De Histor app werkt precies hetzelfde als die van SW. Je kunt foto’s maken, er een kleur in aanwijzen en dan geeft de app niet alleen aan welke kleur in het Histor palet dat is, maar ook welke kleuren er mooi bij passen. Als je dus zo een rondje door je huis maakt, heb je al je kleuren altijd bij de hand. Natuurlijk moet je dan wel goed opletten in welk licht je ze maakt.

Histor color studio app

Kenden jullie deze al? Mee gewerkt? Of ben je nog niet van de apps?



Did you know this? Have you used it? Do you even have a smartphone? If you don’t Sherwin Williams also has a pretty cool downloadable program for your pc that allows you to figure out your color scheme.

Now for real,


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