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Photography Fun ~ Faces in Places

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It’s like looking in a mirror…..


faces in  places 1


faces in  places 3


faces in  places 6


faces in  places 4


faces in  places 7


faces in  places 5


faces in  places 9


faces in  places 8


faces in  places 10

All pictures found at: Faces in Places


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  1. Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal says:

    These are so funny! Love the one that looks like it's whistling!

  2. So funny, how when you really look at it, it is smiling… but you wonder if you would have seen it if you weren't looking for it…lol

  3. Pink Princess says:

    HAHA die zijn leuk! Dat dak vind ik mooi! ♥

  4. Maria Wheeler, Simply Cool Stuff says:

    So creative – This shows your true artistic nature! Love the sharing

  5. Gwendolyn says:

    Ha! I love this post! So fun. That poor teapot, he looks like he knows he will be put on a hot stove with boiling water.

  6. I wouldn't have noticed many of these if I had seen them. You definitely have a keen photographers eyes! I love the house roof one, so creepy!

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