Pine Cone Wreath DIY

Pine Cone Wreath Fall front door


Hi you guys. Thanks all for your love for my numbered pillows  it was fun making them and I do see some more pillows in my future. If you’d like to see one of those pillows in your future don’t forget to check yesterday’s post for the instructions on how you can win one of them.

But the topic of today is about another hobby of mine and that is making wreaths.

I have gathered a bucket fool of pine cones from the garden at work. They were scattered all over the ground, just waiting to be picked up and loved on.

I decided a little wreath making was in order, so I set out to do just that….

Gathering the usual suspects: glue gun and straw wreath. Oh and my pine cones of course.


how to make a Pine Cone Wreath for Fall


And started glueing them on.

Except after the first few went on, I could see I had a problem.

My pine cones were quite big and wide and I couldn’t get them close enough together


Pine Cone Wreath DIY hot glue


Hmm. Luckily enough experience has taught me not to give up too quickly. So I just kept adding pine cones. And then had the luminous idea to just turn some over and glue them on backwards.

That worked!


Pine Cone Wreath diy


Of course I did have to cut off the top to be able to squish them in there.

And that sounds a whole lot easier than it was. Those pine cones are tough and hard and resistant. I tried various tools, both powered and un-powered, but in the end just hacking/twisting/cutting away with a pair of standard garden clippers worked best.


Pine Cone Wreath craft


I really like how the bottoms add another color tone.

I used an extra wide straw wreath, for dramatic effect. And wow drama it was.

Drama to get it on my door that is, because this baby is heavy!! And the problem is our front door is one of those plastic ones (it is on the list of things to change, trust me). So I can’t attach a proper hook to it.

I used duck tape. Both on top of the door (in the door frame so to speak) and for safety some at the back too.

So let’s all just hope and pray the fabric doesn’t slip out of the duck tape’s grip….

And of course now I have several ugly strips of duck tape on the inside of my door….


Pine Cone Wreath Fall front door


But heck! At least the outside is looking good!


Pine Cone Wreath Fall


Loving this little pine cone wreath DIY

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  1. Mayflower says

    Wat een prachtige krans Marianne. Ik vind het altijd nog moeilijk te maken, vooral met de dennenappels. Ik probeer het wel, want ik ben dol op kransen en soms…..dan lukt het me ook nog.
    Je krans staat prachtig zo aan de deur.
    Fijne week.
    Lieve groet, Mea

  2. Claudia says

    i love how it turned out, Marianne! We have one of those doors. It's metal, though. There is no way to attach anything to it!


  3. nannykim/spindlecottage says

    Gorgeous. Our church made a few of these but I like yours better! I agree they are very hard to cut!

  4. Kolein says

    Marianne, the wreath is beautiful! So earthy! I love the earth elements in decor!!!

    (and yes the ribbon may slip. be prepared. I know from experience…especially as the below zero temps hit!)


  5. Jamie says

    That is so beautiful. I love pinecones, but never know what to do with them. I think my girls and I will have to go collecting so we can make this!

    As an aside, I had a metal core door and I couldn't put a nail in either. I bought an over the door wreath holder. It was pretty cheap and worked really well.

  6. Lisa @KarmaPerDiem says

    I really like this. I have some pinecones I need to do something with, but they're HUGE–really love the wreath!

  7. Marianne@Songbird says

    @7 Jamie. One of those wreath holders might be a very good idea. I just don't know if they have something like that here, never seen one. Most go hunting for one. Thanks for the tip.

  8. All That Jazz says

    I LOVE this! I am a pinecone freak and have them all over my house during the holidays, LOL! I need to collect some new ones to make a wreath~ it's less "holiday" than some of the green ones and therefore more versatile, I think!!

  9. Rhonda says

    Don't let the pinecones dry out all the way before glueing onto the straw wreath. When they dry out they will open up completely and fill in. But your finished project turned out great.

  10. Funky Junk Interiors says

    LOL on the duct tape front!

    Your wreath is magnificent! Heck.. the entire front entry is so pretty. Love the no colour/high texture elements. Nicely done!


  11. BailiwickStudio says

    I love it! What a great solution to all those pesky pinecones laying around in our side yard!

    You might want to look for a wreath hangar – those narrow strips of metal with a couple of bends at each end – one to go over the top of the door and the other to hold the wreath. No tape, no nails, no fuss! ::Jill

  12. Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) says

    You made a gorgeous wreath. I love anything dealing with nature. Beautifully done
    hugs ~lynne~

  13. Anonymous says

    Gorgeous wreath! I collected a large number of small and medium pine cones on my property, and am planning to make a wreath. I found your post while looking around to see what methods other people used.

    Here's a good tip for hanging wreaths on doors which cannot be nailed into – use a "Command" hook by 3M. They attach to anything, are durable and weather-resistant, and come off cleanly. We have a metal front door with a large window in it. We've had a hook on the glass for two years, through severe northern New England winters. I position it about where I want the center of the top of the wreath to be (meaning not just centered from side to side, but center from top to bottom of the upper part of the wreath (so, if your wreath is 2" wide, the hook should be about 1" down from the very top of the wreath.) Then I wrap a wire around the wreath, if it doesn't already have one, and position the loop of the wire so it's behind the wreath, totally hidden by the wreath. I loop that over the Command hook. Et voila! The wreath is secure, stays on in all weather, and has no noticeable hanging gear. The hooks can be used the same way indoors, too. I do NOT like those over-the-door hangers for either indoors or outdoors, as they are very visible, and can also damage paint or allow fading on the exposed areas around it, leaving a darker area where the hanger is. The other problem with them is that since they're not adjustable, you cannot always position the wreath exactly where it would look best. For instance, the window in our door is arched at the top, with divided lights. For aesthetic purposes, the wreath should be aligned with an inner arch on the window. (Hard to explain… take my word for it.) An over-the-door hanger would not hang down quite far enough. I'm a little obsessed with wreath positioning… I've noticed on houses in my area that a lot of people have wreaths up way too high, or too low, or with no regard for the features (panels, windows, etc.) of the door. Using a small stick-on hook allows you to position the wreath perfectly.

  14. Anonymous says

    I have a super strong two piece magnet that has a hook on one of the pieces. It's specifically for glass doors. You put one piece of the magnet on the inside and the piece with the hook on the outside of the door. The magnet is very, very strong and you can hang your wreaths on the glass door! I think the piece with the hook would stick strongly enough to a metal door that it would work in that instance, as well. You can find them at most craft/home decor stores.

  15. MimiAZ says

    If you soak the pine cones in water first it causes them to close up. Let them sit for a little bit out of the water until they are just still damp. It is much easier to fit them on when they are glued on and when they dry, they open back up again, they will fill out and the wreath will be beautiful and very full looking.

  16. MimiAZ says

    It’s beautiful and you placed them all just right. If you will put them in very hot water first, they will close up tight. Let them air out on a paper towel for a while and then glue them on while they are damp. When they dry, they will open up again and be very tight together. Then you can just fill in the spots if you need to.

    I like how you did the top to hang it. It looks very professionally done.