The Porch of my Dreams

Good morning sweet peas! How was your weekend? Mine was busy and mostly spent working on various projects at once. I was halfway finished with my refectory table, before I ran out of weekend. The other half will have to wait until I can find another couple of days to work on it.

I must say though I am falling in love harder with that porch every day. Today it was a rainy day for the first time in months. Didn’t bother me one bit. I drank my hot tea under my roof and watched the rain fall in our pond, while dreaming about all the projects I was going to do for this lovely space we have added to our house.

So tonight I went in search of some extra inspirations for what to do with our porch/veranda/back patio/terrace….

Well first we’ll give a place of honor to our hammock.



Country Living

Our hammock is an ordinary one and not exactly as romantic as the one above from country living. But it is at least just as comfortable. So comfortable that my love and I slept in it together, one afternoon a couple of weeks ago. So romantic.

But the picture above, does remind me that it would be nice to have some big pillows to use in the hammock.


Traditional home

This porch is just so dreamy. I love the combination of wood and painted furniture, the color combination and the dog! But the reason I have included it here is because of the curtains. Our garden is facing straight south and it can get very hot very fast. Although our porch will give us more shade then we used to have, I think some extra curtains to close on the really hot days would be nice.

Not to mention that it looks awfully good.

Speaking of shade.

This picture has been in my Inspiration Files ever since the ideas for our porch started to form.


Funky Junk

Funky Junk Interiors

Donna took this picture in the coffee shop in her home town. I think a curtain like that would be perfect for our top windows. I love those windows because they bring so much extra sunlight into our living room, but in summer we will definitely have to cover them or we will have way too much sunshine coming in. These look fairly easy to make. Downside is that once they are up they are not easily removed. So on rainy days (as we are bound to have here in the Netherlands) they would block the light that we’d desperately want then. Hmmm have to think about that one some more.

The next project also went straight into my Inspiration Files when I saw it. I love these hanging lights. I’ll have to be on the lookout for nice jars to use and maybe figure out a way how I could make bottles work too.



The Pleated Poppy

Cute isn’t it. I especially love that little detail of the red flowers. Ah, the proper styling can really make a project come to live.

Speaking of styling. The next idea is from styling queen extraordinaire Sarah from A Beach Cottage.


A Beach Cottage

I think this picture might singlehandedly be responsible for me wanting to have a porch. Those pompons are so lovely girly and fun and I don’t think they ever look so good as when they are used above a dining table.

Can you believe I have never ever made a pompom!!! Nope, not one. Well as a kid I made these fluffy roses from paper handkerchiefs. Don’t even know how to do that anymore. So definitely on my list for the next rainy Saturday is: must make pompoms.

Just as nice as the pompoms, but maybe a bit more work is the next project on my “Porch To-Do List”.


Ruffled Blog

String balls. They remind me a little of my doily projects, as in stiffening fabric/twine into a shape. These would be great with a light bulb in them too. Hmm. Speaking of light bulb moments, I sense that new ideas are forming, and my hands are itching. So let’s move on, or I will go digging into my twine stash as we speak.


Country Home

I love this picture. I might give it a try to make my table look something like this. Or not, haven’t fully decided yet how he is going to end up. But it wasn’t the table that attracted me to this picture. It is that sign in the corner. Remember when I told you about the vintage beer sign lamp we have hanging under our porch? It is has recently received its final and rather ‘in your face’ spot. Since I ‘allowed’ my love to hang that light under our new roof, I think I am entitled to at least one vintage sign too, to balance things out, so to speak.
I’ll start looking for one, but I hardly ever see them at the Flea Markets around here, so if I can come up with the right text I just might have to make one myself.

Ok, this sounds all well and good. All these ideas about projects I am going to do for our outdoor space. But while I was sitting there, this afternoon with my hot tea. I was mostly thinking about diner parties and afternoons with high tea, and early morning breakfasts. I am most of all looking forward to dressing up the table and gathering friends and family around me and use my porch for fun.

Jill Thomas

Jill Thomas Photography

Setting my table with flowers, candles and colorful china. Mixing and matching chairs around the table so that everyone can have a place at our extra long table.


Wedding Chicks

But none of my tablecloths fit on my narrow table, so I’ll add hunting for vintage table cloths that I can alter to my list.

It has become quite a long list hasn’t it. Ah well, I love lists, they keep me focused. And dreaming up projects to put on said lists is always fun.

I hope you enjoyed this peak into my plans and my inspiration for our new porch. Let’s see how many of these projects I actually will end up doing. Definitely not all, probably not even a lot…

But don’t let that stop you from sharing any and all ideas you have for me!!!!!


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  1. Home and Lifestyle says

    Wat een prachtige plaatjes…een veranda is hier een droom en gezien de ruimte in de tuin zal dat ook wel zo blijven :-)! Heerlijk dus om van andere veranda's te mogen genieten!

    Lieve groet, Ingrid

  2. Miss Marple says

    Zucht, we hebben echt een mooi terras, maar zo'n veranda…*droom*
    LG – Irma
    PS…July/Augustus klinkt goed! 😉

  3. Cindy says

    So love sitting on our porch when it rains, so relaxing and peaceful!
    Such a sweet post, can't wait to see YOUR porch!
    Hope your week is wonderful!

  4. Sarah, Three Boys says

    I love those little floating balls! What a great idea. Love all of your images such great inspiration. Thank you:)

  5. Debbie @ says

    Love it. I just can't get enough of outdoor decor especially like the pics you have shown ….soft outdoor elegance. I'm working on our porch and can't wait to decorate it…after we quigt getting cold weather. And we live in S. Calif. too but it has been freezing.
    Love your blog by the way…it is very beautiful.

  6. OhMyGoodNest says

    You could cut a regular tablecloth, twin size sheet or shower curtain in half & sew a seam on that one side & you'll have 2 tablecloths to use on your narrow table. I've done this for mine.

  7. Gail says

    Since you don't have a tablecloth that properly fits your table, I look forward to your making linens like those napkins (in last photo) that fit under the place-settings.
    I always look forward to viewing your new projects