Reading Room in Red and White

Good evening dear friends. The grey and wet have entered my life. Oh and the dark. As much as I like Fall for its colors and wildness, I always have a hard time adjusting to the dark days. I guess I am child of light. I just feel better when there is sunshine and I can simply walk outside without first layering up.

But then again, I really shouldn’t complain. I like the seasons. I don’t think I would like an eternal summer. But still, all that rain….


reading room red and white


So what is a girl to do then? Well cocooning inside of course. I have changed out the color scheme in my little reading room/ guest room. To warm me up I have added some red.

It was all inspired by bringing in these plants from the garden. These pelargoniums are not frost hardened and the first freezing nights were predicted. So I brought them inside to get them through the winter.


painted suitcases nightstand


And that pop of red, warmed my heart, so I decided I could do with a bit more of it.


 red and white bed room pillows


A plaid, some pillows and a few extra accessories did the trick.


red striped wicker baskets


sweater candle holders


I love how easy it is to change the mood of a space by just introducing some new colors (or one color in this case).


If you have forgotten how the room looked like before this little winterizing makeover: this is my guest room / reading room in summer and this is my reading room when it is just a tiny guest room



Of course I didn’t feel the room was complete without a little extra something, something.

So while it rained and stormed outside I was holed up in my craft room, making this:



 red and white winter pillows


A sweater pillow! It was a nice, quick project that definitely helped get me in the mood for more. I think it turned out cute, especially with the polkadot back and the pompon trim. Me likey!

I had the sweater in my stack forever. It used to be my guy’s:



Oh la, la, look at the ‘beautiful’ red cowboy sweater. I can’t imagine he ever walked around in it, but he must have because it was well worn.


My Love threw out that sweater ages ago and I fished it out of the bin, thinking there will be a time that I will need a red sweater….

Guess I was right.

And since I think similar things quite often, and I have ‘saved’ more than one cast-off from the bin, you can guess how the contents of my closets in my craft room look like Wie, ik?


nordic pattern sweater pillow red white


The red and white does have a bit of a Christmas feeling going, although I like to think it also has a bit of a nice, rustic, cabin-out-in-the-Scandinavian-forest look.


red cabing Sweden snow


At least this is where I pretend to be when I cuddle up under that blanket and pretend that my radiator is a roaring fire…


Oh and in case you are wandering what I am reading…..

You have to come back for that. I will tell you all about it soon and I’ll have a surprise for you too.


 red and white bed room decor


So what do you do when the wet, the grey and the dreary enters your life?


And is red and white just too Christmas for you or do you agree that it could also be  a cabin-out-in-the-Scandinavian-forest look.

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  1. Marilyn says

    Dear Marianne, I am extremely jealous of all multi-lingual people. Your English is sooo excellent, but an expression caught you (unless it’s a typo of course!) You said you were “hauled up.” The expression is “holed up.” According to it “alludes to animals hibernating in winter or hiding from an attack in caves or holes.”

    As for the red, it’s definitely the “cabin-out-in-the-Scandinavian-forest” look! It’s so cheerful, and not too “Christmasy” at all. Your decorating is beautiful, and so inspiriting to me. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Marianne@Songbird says

      Thank you! Yes those mistakes do tend to slip in. Thank you for pointing it out to me.
      Hibernating, as in, tucking yourself in under the covers and not reappearing until Spring. I think those animals are unto something…..
      Thanks for the comment ♥

  2. says

    Oh, I think your cozy reading nook is definitely in the “cabin-out-in-the-Scandinavian-forest” category. So cozy and inviting.
    The gray, dreary days have arrived here, too. I miss the sunshine and warmth. To compensate, I sit on my couch with a soft blanket and light a candle while reading a book. And try to get my husband to build a wood fire in the fireplace for ambiance.

    • Marianne@Songbird says

      Oh, you have a fireplace. Now that is straight out the cabin-out-in-the-Scandinavian-forest look too. Sadly I don’t have a fireplace, so I pretend that I do when I lit a lot of candles and stare in the flames.
      Sad about the grey days, but heck, it gives us an excuse to drink liquid chocolate :-)

  3. Dee says

    Thank You so much for always sharing your inspirations with us. I am sorry to see that your posts have been duplicated on other websites and blogs. I truly enjoy your posts and pictures and the inspiration for me to take what I have and “up do” them into other purposes.

    • Marianne@Songbird says

      Thanks Dee, for understanding. I really don’t like the whole truncated thing, but if it is the thing to do to get the scrapers of our backs, then I guess it is what we need to do.
      So glad you think my blog is worth it to click over!

    • Marianne@Songbird says

      Exactly my problem! I am always cuddles up there under my blanket with my book. I don’t get anything done around here 😉

    • Marianne@Songbird says

      Thanks Traci,
      I love red too, especially paired with white. But then again I think anything looks good with white :-)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. says

    Oh, I *loooove* this!! So cozy and charming. I always say red is not my favorite color, but here I am totally loving on your red and white room. I guess it just has to be done right! :-) That red sweater pillow is my most favorite of all. Cute!


    • Marianne@Songbird says

      Thank you!
      I didn’t know I liked red so much either until I started combining it with white. Now I love it. It is such a warm and comforting color.