Red and White Christmas Tree ~ 12 Days of Christmas Decorations / Day 12

Wow, the official last day of my 12 Days of Christmas Decorations Series, it sure flew by. I guess that means I was having fun.

What better way to ‘close’ this series than with my Christmas tree.


Songbird Christmas Tree Homemade Ornaments 6


Can you see why red and white has become my favorite color combo ever. Don’t they just look so wonderful and magical together.

Oh and that there would be my last official Christmas craft of the year. A garland for my tree.

I finished it just today. You see last year there was one tree in particular that caught my eye because of a beautiful homemade faux capris garland. Beth (from HomeStories A2Z) made it and although the garland was beautiful it almost ‘killed’ her so much work went into it.

Well I wanted a garland like that, I was just not willing to put that much time in it. So I came up with a three step plan:

A) Enlist the help of my Love. He punched his way through three little craft paper pads while watching a football game. So that was step 1 covered.

B) Instead of burning my fingers hot gluing the garland I decided to sew it. Worked like a charm. I just had to push the little circles close to the needle and the machine fed them through. Easy peasy.

C) Fiddle around for ages trying to get it look just right on the tree. Success? See for yourself.



I love my tree this year, so much more than last year. I think the fact that it is bigger and a real one already makes a huge difference. But the red and white combo definitely gives it the extra wow factor. (There she goes again. I must sound like a broken record, but heck that is what people who have fallen in love do: talk about their new love all the time).

I reused all of last years homemade ornaments and supplemented them with some new ones.

The theme this year seems to be hearts.


Songbird Christmas Tree Homemade Ornaments 1


Wooden hearts, burlap hearts, metal hearts, fabric hearts, doily hearts. There are hearts all over.

And stars…..


Songbird Christmas Tree Homemade Ornaments 5


My little tree lampshades made a comeback too. I still like them a lot.


Songbird Christmas Tree 2


Full view…..

Except you can’t see my tree topper now.

Ok here is a close-up:


Songbird Christmas Tree Topper Doily


I used another sugar-water stiffened doily as a topper. Since this doily worked hard in her role as flower for my faux ice flowers I thought it might as well perform as my Christmas star too.

And from the top we go to the bottom:


Songbird Christmas Tree  Skirt


The tree skirt from a moving blanket I made last year, got a little update too. An extra band of red ribbon and some red stars made her fit in just perfectly.

Ok one more look at the whole tree….


Songbird Christmas Tree


And a close-up…..


Songbird Christmas Tree Homemade Ornaments 2


She is one full tree isn’t she…..


And for all of you tree-photographing – bokeh-loving – homemade-ornament-making bloggers out there: one more glamour shot.


Songbird Christmas Tree Homemade Ornaments 4


Okay, I know this is officially the last day of my 12 days of Christmas Decorations series. But I am not done yet. I will give you a bonus post tomorrow and Saturday I will show you some of the awesomeness my fellow 12 day-ers have come up with.

And then December is still only half way done….



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  1. prairiejuan says

    So pretty! I love it. I too adore red and white for Christmas.I didn't do it this year but my bedroom is red/white/cream and I'm tweaking it up for Christmas. Your tree is gorgeous! I love a real tree. It looks very European and festive.

  2. Lynnie says

    I do love the red and white as well! I am thinking of punching out some paper and sewing us some garland as well, thanks for sharing! It is beautiful! Merry Christmas to you and yours from us here at Erilyn Farm.

  3. Janette - The2Seasons says


    Where do you live in the Netherlands? It is my favorite country, and I visit for bicycling every year. I have cycled there for eight years. I am so excited to find a blog from Holland. You will be getting a regular visit from me.

  4. Cath says

    Beautiful, just beautiful. The garland adds such lovely color, I want one. Maybe the cricut and I can get together one night before our tree goes up.
    Our living room is decorated red and white, I just add greens throught the room for the holidays.
    Hmmmm enjoy red & white, love the snow, admire the role of midwives in Scandinavian countries…..sounds like a dream vacation.

  5. Anonymous says

    Hi! I just found you through Young House Love and I love your beautiful style. Wonderful idea for a garland!

  6. linnea-maria says

    Your tree is soo lovely!!! The garland is perfect! i liked yours better actually and it seemed far more easy to do. My tre will be silver and white this year. Definitely thinking of putting up it soon myself, usually I do it just a few days before christmas. Hugs/Therese

  7. Beth@A to Z says

    Your garland and tree skirt are so sweet. The entire tree is beautiful and I love the red and white theme. Gorgeous!