Rewind, Recharge, Remember. Nature to the rescue

Life does get crazy sometimes, doesn’t it. Or is it just me and do I make my life crazy?

Yeah definitely that too. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind around here, especially in my head. The busy season is fast approaching, so there isn’t a moments peace in my head. Ideas are swirling, random thoughts pop up,  and list are written and rewritten.


Ziepbeek 3

I honestly love this time of the year. I love the end of the year business, the anticipation of things to come and the preparation for all the good times.

But as much as I love it I could do without the random sleepless nights, the worrying and the hurrying. And there was a lot of that going on this weekend. Missed one complete night of sleep on Friday. And I can’t even say what I was thinking about, nothing really but sleep wouldn’t let it catch itself.


And with all that planning and thinking and wheels turning you’d think my hands would be busy too. But no,  so far all the planning and preparing only takes place in my head. I haven’t been able to actually get anything done. Hence the worrying of course, and the restlessness.

So today I rose early with my head filled with good intentions, and a notepad full of things to do.

Didn’t happen…..


Ziepbeek 7


I took one look outside and saw this gorgeous bleu sky and a wonderful sun shining and all my well laid plans were pushed aside.

I decided a scavenger hunt was on the menu for the day.


Ziepbeek 4


So of we went. Across the border just a few miles into Belgium, to this beautiful little piece of country side.

And I soaked it all in.


Tree trunk bench


The sun streaking through the trees.


Ziepbeek 8


The colors of the leaves against that stark blue sky.


Ziepbeek 6


The reflections in the water.


Ziepbeek 2


The intimacy of a path between trees.


Ziepbeek 1


The openness of the meadows.


I sighed a lot, and took deep breaths.


Ziepbeek 5


I walked and stopped to take pictures.


relished every moment and made solemn vows to make more time to do this.


And when we finished of our day at this castle for a late lunch….


Kasteel Pietersheim herfst


……. I decided that this Sunday couldn’t have been any more perfect.


And my holiday preparations will get done too….

……. They always do.


Kasteel Pietersheim

So how are you coping? Have the lists of things to do and presents to be bought been written? Are you actually preparing already. Or is your action mostly in your head too?


Do you hate or love the busy season?


Let’s talk holiday!!


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  1. says

    I love your pictures of the woods and the meadow. What a wonderful way to spend the day! And I bet you slept better too. Looking forward to your decorating.

  2. says

    The photo of the reflection is just so beautiful. I think you chose the best way to spend your day. Rainy days will come and you will want to be indoors and get things crossed off your list.
    I love this time of year, and like you, I’m feeling quite behind this year. But what is most important will get done, as it always does.

    • Marianne@Songbird says

      I am always feeling behind…..
      And when I catch up, I make more plans so I start feeling behind again. I am hopeless like that 😉
      Working on it….
      Have fun and enjoy this time of year!

  3. says

    Gorgeous! I love days like this that command you elsewhere. We need and deserve them so never feel guilty!

    As for Christmas… I’m afraid I’m stuck at the same point you are. Great intentions, the house is a mess, but nothing is done. I think I allow deadlines to play with my head. Shoo deadlines shoo!


    • Marianne@Songbird says

      Thank you! I am working on the not feeling guilty part…..
      Ha, deadlines, when did those ever work? It will get done, it will get done (that is my new mantra can you tell). ♥ M

  4. says

    Nice to take a day and relax and unwind a bit. No worries….the pictures are beautiful. I’m sure your walk and lunch was lovely.
    Like you I think of lots of things to do. Most don’t get done. …I should take a walk.
    :) Pat

    • Marianne@Songbird says

      Yes go take a walk! It does wonders for your spirit. I haven’t made much progress yet. But I have big plans for today :-)