Romantic Fall Mantel Decoration

Did you catch the sneak peak yesterday?

When I was showing you my Fall Table Setting, did you see my ‘mantel’ in the background?

No? That’s okay. My Fall mantel decoration is in the spotlight today. See:




This one definitely turned out more romantic and vintagy than my latest decorations. I blame my Fall wreath for that. She set the tone. But it is okay, I like the tune she is whistling. I guess I am in a romantic mood…..




Now that the mantel has been decorated for Fall, the season has officially started for me. Giving that shelf a new look, is always a marker point for me. It is when I surrender and give in to the fact that the past season is truly over and the new season has taken a hold. 

But I like Fall, it is one of my favorite seasons. But giving up summer was hard this year, since it was so short. But I am hopeful that Fall will have many more beautiful days for us, days that I will enjoy wearing my favorite boots instead of flip-flops. 








I like the contrast between my soft romantic colors and the black of the bird-cages. Gives the whole thing a bit of oomph, I think. These bird cages had been put away for a long time already. They had been on the ‘donate to goodwill’  list a couple of times. So far they still survived, as you can see. I remember when I first started blogging, birds and bird cages where everywhere, and nests. We all did a lot of nests back then. Then the more modern chevron came and owls, I skipped those trends. I did hop on the burlap train for a bit, and I think that one is still running. And now I have bird cages again.

Do you think I am the only one in blogland to have a birdcages Fall mantel decoration in 2013? 

Might be. Maybe I am just retro, or bringing back a trend. Or maybe you are thinking that  I totally dropped the ball on this one.

Either way, it is okay. I like looking at my Fall mantel this year.




With my birdcage on a stack of vintage books…..

Speaking of books, do you see how awesome this binding is.




It is an old Dutch dictionary and they used some sort of newspaper to glue the binding together. There is a big ad for Belgium chocolates there, and for pudding, mixed in with life insurance offerings. I guess even in the old days they knew that too much chocolate and pudding wasn’t good for you  😉

I can stare for hours at the lettering and graphics in those old newspapers. I love me some vintage paper…

And vintage mirrors…..



She has been the star of many of my mantel decorations. And she does it so well.




So what do you think? Did I get it right this year?


 Fall mantel decoration with a wreath on a vintage French mirror, bird cages, vintage books and hydrangea flowers. Via (2)

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Fall mantel party at Thrifty Decor Chick


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  1. Etta says

    Just looked at your Fall table setting post again – just love it! and read that you don’t do Halloween. We don’t either although it is becoming more popular in Oz.

  2. says

    Wat een prachtige post lieve Marianne! Heel mooi je schouw met al die poederachtige kleuren en dan zo’n ontzettend leuk vogelkooitje. Je hebt het absoluut “right”! Heerlijk deze herfstsferen bij, ik word er heerlijk rustig van dus blijf nog even kijken hahahah…. Lieve hartengroet van Cin xx

  3. says

    I love the birdcages! And I love the color. It’s adds such nice contrast. I think it’s important to not feel like you have to follow whatever design choices are “in” at the moment and to just go with what you think looks good.

  4. says

    I love your mantel. The birdcages look great and I have always liked them. I don’t like chevron so I haven’t adopted that trend either. There are some things that are timeless and I think the bird cages are one of them.


  5. says

    Your dispaly is lovely! I have a mirror like that, where the foil on the glass has gotten a bitted cracked with age. The frame has an undesisable brownish color, and I have been thinking of painting it with maybe milkpaint. It would look great on my big, vintage hutch. And I defenitely should get some big old books!