Salvage Store from Heaven {vintage eye candy}

So, my friends, tell me are you in for some vintage eye candy? Want to see what I have been dreaming about for months? Want to see where I left some beauties behind (and regretted it ever since).

Come along……


vintage water bottles



A couple of months ago, my love and I went on a day trip, to the other side of the country. I was on the hunt. On the hunt for vintage treasures. 

I thought I had found a great hunting spot. 

I was not wrong.


antique carriage


Somewhere under the smoke of our national airport we found this huge salvage store, filled with the most amazing pieces. Big industrial stuff that you could only dream off having a use for, and little fun trinkets I all wanted to take home. 


vintage industrial lamps


And there was so much of it. As usual when surrounded by abundance and too much choices I was flabbergasted and couldn’t think of what to choose. 

I stood by these vintage bottle crates a long time. Hesitated, and then decided against them. Have regretted it ever since.


vintage bottle crates


They would be great to store roles of wrapping paper….. must go back…..


So much choice it was overwhelming and I wanted to take it all home with me.

I was quite sure nevertheless that we did not have a place for this punching bag (but fun though, isn’t it).


vintage punching bag


Have a storage problem?

I have a solution for you:

drawer cabinet


Can you imagine this in your craft room. Oh the possibilities. A drawer for all your stamps, for your ribbons, for your papers, for your all your supplies. Ah sigh….


Stained glass windows anyone?


vintage windows


Or maybe some painted shutters?


vintage wooden blinds for sale


There were row upon row of shutters. And doors, and windows, and…..


metal lockers


Metal lockers…


vintage french sofa


This French sofa had MissMustardSeed written all over it. I loved it but it would look so out of place in our ‘modern-industrial-beach-cottage’, so it had to stay behind.


wall closets


Walls and walls of cabinets. I loved the look that was created by combining so many different wall cabinets.


vintage store


I think this view gives you about a fifth of the whole space. All stocked and filled to the brim. 

Ah, looking at it, I just want to get back there. Road trip anyone.


vintage kitchen cupboard




I so want a kitchen hutch. But we don’t have the space for it. I might have to make one. I liked the vintage tiles that were adhered to the back. An idea to remember.


glass apothecary cabinets


I have seen vintage apothecary cabinets on many blogs. Not many in real life. I thought these were great. 

I think I need a bigger house….


vintage chippy doors


Did I say he had doors. Chippy paint heaven I tell you!


And rust heaven too.

LOVE these rusty iron gates. 


vintage iron gates



We have an idea for something like this. But maybe just a tad too heavy to cart home in the back of our car. But one day…


self portrait


I was one little happy songbird…. (look at that grin  :-D)

In the end I brought only one thing home with me. I have given it a little makeover and it is almost ready for the full reveal. Hang in there. 

But looking at this images, makes me yearn for another visit. Now that I know what is there I want to go back and get there early with an empty day ahead of me (this time we got there at the end of the day as an afterthought), and so much time, to explore and ponder and think.

I better start saving my pennies.


You found anything good lately?


PS At the risk of sending some competition for these treasures here. Here is the website link to this salvage store (for the Euro gals):

Burbri Antiek



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  1. Bev Ritch says

    That place looks like heaven! I wanna go there! It would be insanely difficult to come home with only one item. You have strength!

    Thanks for sharing it!

  2. says

    Oh my gosh Marianne, my heart was skipping a beat just looking at these images! What I’d do to spend an entire day in that place. Yes, Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint is screaming to be put on many of those pieces. I want some of those rod iron gates – beautiful.

  3. Emilou says

    Wow, I can see how you want to go there in the morning!! All day bliss. Thanks for sharing. Blessings and smiles. Emilou

  4. Gwen says

    Oh my! Oh my!! Yes I can see how you just got one thing as its so much to take in all at once!!! Oh I loved the first photo. I didn’t really read, just was kind of glancing and thought oh she gave her doll collection away. Then I paid attention! Oh those bottles look fabulous the way you photographed them but alas I can’t justify my entire life savings on bottles that look like old fashioned ball gown bedecked dancers…I mean a lady can dream!!!
    Thank you for sharing. It is all so neat and orderly. That too is what I liked. The shutters were sooo neat. What a fun time I had looking around via your photos :-)

  5. says

    Wow, thanks for the eye candy! I love those iron gates too. Makes me want to plan a trip there, but would have to rent a trailer while I’m at it. I can imagine how thrilled you were to find this place!