Silver and Mirrors Christmas Vignette ~ 12 Days of Christmas Decorations / Bonus Day

Good evening my sweeties.

It has been busy here on Songbird, the blog I mean. Yesterday the ever so wonderful John and Sherry from YoungHouseLove gave my teeny, tiny guest room makeover two thumbs up over at their blog, and lots of new folks have found me that way.


Officially my 12 days of Christmas Decorations Series has ended but I promised you one bonus post. You see I started this series with a simple, little Advent vignette. I thought that it would be proper to end it that way too.

The advent vignette has been moved and in its place is now a little decorative corner featuring mirrors, silver and bulb hyacinths.



I love that you can see the tree in the mirrors (and my tripod, oops), and the candlestick, and the hyacinths. Double the fun.

Of course that oval mirror was kind of hard to balance on the little cupboard, but as you can see I made it work by simply shoving the bottom part in between the gap of the wall and the cupboard. It is surprisingly sturdy that way, hasn’t moved an inch.


Songbird Christmas Vignette 1


I love that little candle wax catcher. I bought it last year in a discount store and hadn’t used it before. But you might recognize the little ornaments from last years Christmas vignette. They are back in their original spot now.


Songbird Christmas Vignette 2


The hyacinth bulbs have grown a bit crooked, but I know that in a few days they will be all straight again.


Songbird Christmas Vignette 3


There you have day 6 and day 12 in one shot.

I have loved doing this 12 Days of Christmas Decorating Series. Of course I had totally and utterly procrastinated on preparing for it, so I had to do most of it in real time. I guess I am predictable that way. But it is such a relaxed feeling that Christmas is still 14 days (OMG only 14 days!!!) away and I am ready for it.

Now I can truly enjoy this time, watching Christmas movies and staring at the sparkly lights in my tree.

Although I also feel that I still have a little Christmas craftiness in me….

We’ll see. The pressure is off, anything I do now will strictly and only be for fun.


Songbird Christmas Vignette 4


So have you enjoyed my 12 Days of Christmas? Should I plan another series like that in 2012? What would you like to see me do?

6 Days of After-Christmas Decorating Glimlach, 10 Days of Spring preparations, 5 Days of Blogging essentials, 20 Days of Pampering yourself, 30 Days of ????? ?

If you have any ideas, if you need help in any department, if you are looking for inspiration for a particular project, let me know. Who knows maybe we can do this together.

And thank you all for visiting, and commenting, and following along. None of this would have even been remotely as fun if it hadn’t been for you.


Songbird Christmas Vignette 6

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  1. Barb and Dell says

    Your vignette is lovely Marianne. I enjoyed you 12 days of Christmas very much. Would love it if you did it again next year.
    Warm Christmas Greetings.

  2. Katie says

    I loved your 12 day of Christmas! Beautiful white, silver and green vignette! A series for each season and holiday would be great!

  3. Lynn says

    I have really enjoyed your posts for the 12 days series. I am so glad that you could join us. And I hope you have a great Christmas!

  4. Anonymous says


    I just found your blog. It's wonderful! Here's a tip – put some plastic wrap over your dish/mold/what ever you are using as a form before you put you plastered doily on it. Removing the doily will be SO much easier and you won't be afraid that you're breaking your form.
    Also, what is the white flower thing under the lamp – is it a flower?
    And one more thing, your pumpkins will not last long now that they are cut but I'm sure you knew that already. And KUDOS to you – you came up with an idea, went with it, and who cares if no one else likes it. You do and that's what counts.


    P.S. I can be contacted email-ly at if you want to correspond.

  5. Lorrie says

    I've loved this series of 12 days of Christmas decorating. Maybe next year I'll get myself organized enough to do something like it myself.