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This is how simple Christmas Decorating can be. Day 10

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Good day my friends. Another Monday has rolled around and I think I finished my Christmas decorating this weekend. 
I think…… 

Today’s ‘project’ is as easy as they come. No crafting involved, no power tools needed, just some easy and light decorating.

easy Christmas decorating candle lights display (1)


 Just a little fun display to light up a dark corner…..

 easy Christmas decorating candle lights display (5)


Glass jars in various sizes (I spot a jam jar and a pickle jar in there), candles, pine cones, branches and an ornament or two is all that it needs. 

Oh and candle light of course….

easy Christmas decorating candle lights display (3)


And because I am a sentimental twit I added some vintage photographs from the family album, to memorate the ones that are no longer celebrating with us. 


easy Christmas decorating candle lights display (2)


Put it all together on an old painted tray and you have an easy Christmas display. 

Decorating for Christmas doesn’t need to be about the big projects, sometimes it is enough to add a few touches here and there. 


easy Christmas decorating candle lights display (4)


Play around with the stuff you have, add a few candles, bring in some winter touches, put a little bling on it, stand back and take a deep breath and exhale. Sigh, you have just added a little more Christmas to you house, without any stress. 

And you know what, this will work as a winter display in January too, so you can enjoy it for a nice long time. 



easy Christmas decorating candle lights display (5)


So what little touches are you adding to your home this Christmas? Or are you about the big decorations with oomph factor only (nothing wrong with that either of course)?

And for ideas big and small, check out the other 12 Day-ers……



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  1. I. Just. Love. It! Your style is so quaint and beautiful. I want a pretty jar lit tray with sentimental photos now too! Just lovely!

  2. I love this quiet touch…especially to leave it up through the darkest months! My decorating is done a little at a time, adding a touch here and there…and taking it all down a little at a time as well. there is no instant transformation at any time!

    • Marianne Songbird says:

      That sounds good, I am not sure I could do it like that though. Once I start I want it finished, and I just keep riding that roller coaster of decorating until I am all decorated out. And when I start cleaning up I want it all gone immediately too! I think your way is better…..

  3. Of course quaint is a good thing! This is wonderful! You have such attention to detail and I love your Christmas decorating style!

    Thanks for inspiring me today!


  4. Beautiful and simple! I say when in doubt just add sparkly lights! The twigs also add just the right amount of rusticness! Lovely as always!

  5. I am really enjoying your 12 days of Christmas decorating ideas. This one is so simple and sweetly nostalgic I will be doing something similar. Thanks!

    • Marianne Songbird says:

      Oh how nice! Thank you! I love it when people tell me I have inspired them to copy me. Have fun with your own little vignette.

  6. Beautiful vignette Marianne!

  7. It’s beautiful, Marianne. I love candles and the nature elements you’ve included. Simple touches are often the prettiest.

    • Marianne Songbird says:

      I agree, as much as I like to go all out every once in a while, it are always the simple things I enjoy the most. Maybe because my joy is not put into perspective by the memory of all the work that was involved, (like with more elaborate projects).

  8. I like the vintage photos. Nice touch!

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