Spring Mantel Ideas

It is raining and howling with winds and cold and grey here. What better time than to dream about Spring. Dream with me as we visit these gorgeous Spring mantel ideas and let’s get inspired.



19 Spring Mantel Ideas

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    • says

      Poor you! We have had the warmest winter in years, so far. We can almost feel Spring in the air. Dangerous feeling cause the weather could still turn on us every moment.
      Stay warm, and happy decorating to you!

  1. Gwen says

    Since I have a two inch (maybe less) little mantle I’ve never thought to line up mercury glass, little posies of flowers in a line down the mantel under the mirror. I’m going to do this when the flowers begin to bloom! Simple yet a touch of spring!
    Another idea was just the pop of yellow. I have a small ikea lantern left and I have yellow spray paint. I have a clear glass cylinder vase that fits on my little mantel and I have these unusual little yellow faux seed balls I can use. Ill tuck in clear glass items and a yellow tall candle taper I have. How fun!! I’m inspired to use my things new ways! Thank you for collecting all this inspiration in one spot!!

  2. Emilou says

    Hi Marianne, hmm I love your aqua and white, and a touch of yellow is always warming. Hope your day is good as we had a most beautiful day yesterday and today we are white with snow. It is beautiful to watch it fall. Blessings and smiles, Emilou :-)

    • says

      It feels like Spring here, so it felt right to start thinking about Spring decorating. I sure hope winter doesn’t come knocking on our doors, we like the warm winter. Enjoy the snow for both of us!