Spring Mantel Update and a Design Team Member

Howdie folks. Looks like I am back for real now. After I wrote my last post, thinking I was all in the clear, I found out that I had not only accidentally deleted some of my posts, but that my latest post wasn’t going out to you guys, so nobody was seeing it.
Took me the better part of a week to get that sorted. But all is good now. And I am here to show you a quick and fun update I did on my mantel. 

Pin Spring mantel in black and white with a layered photo frame wall 1


A couple of months ago I got an email. Asking me if I wanted to be part of a creating project. My first reaction was to blow them off. Once you have got a few years of blogging under your belt, you kind of get used to strange emails from people wanting you to join this or that, or post such and such on your blog. Most of it is all some kind of spam and people wanting a free ride on your coat tails. 

But this one seemed a bit different so I inquired further. What do you mean? Can you tell me more?

Turns out the mail came from a legitimate business that sells paper goods. Pretty paper goods. Whisker Graphics paper goods. And they wanted to send me packages of said good so create with. They wanted me to be a member of the design team. 

Now that made me look over my shoulder. Design team????

Who are you talking to? You can’t be talking to me, I am so not a designer……

But yes they were talking to me, and they even knew I live in the Netherlands so sending any supplies meant international shipping. They wanted me on the team anyway. 

So I said yes!

packages in the mail


A few weeks later a package came from overseas. I love receiving packages. The anticipation is just too much fun. 

Unpacking is fun too…..

whisker graphics design pack


The package was indeed filled with a whole lot of pretty paper goods. Goodies in fact. I loved it all, so colorful and cheerful. And those little stickers with the birdies stole my heart. There were paper bags in different sizes and colors and patterns, samples of divine twine in various colors, stickers and tags, and it all looked so pretty together. 

And I got to create with these lovely papers! It felt like Christmas.

So what did I do? Well I updated my Spring mantel, that is what I did.


Spring mantel in black and white with a layered photo frame wall 1


 I had stolen two candle sticks form this mantel decoration to create my little threesome candle stick vignette. The mantel looked bare ever since. Well with the help of the pretty papers and some flowers that was easily fixed. 

It gave the mantel a quick Spring update too, it needed it. 


Spring mantel in black and white with a layered photo frame wall 3


 I used one of the larger bitty bags to cover the plant pot and tied it with some bakers twine in a pretty green color.

I simply cut the bag to size, slipped the plant pot in and scrunched it up with the twine. Too easy, and quick and such a big impact.


Spring mantel in black and white with a layered photo frame wall 4


I used the leftover bits of paper as a ribbon to dress up this ordinary black plastic pot from my fake Ikea plant. That little chevron sticker was the perfect touch.  


Spring mantel in black and white with a layered photo frame wall 5


Another strip of leftover paper and some more twine and this white painted bottle fit right in. Together with some flowers from the garden it added just the right amount of Spring to my mantel.



Spring mantel in black and white with a layered photo frame wall 8


This was a quick and easy change to my layered photo frames mantel. I love how the polka dots add that little bit of cheerfulness to my mantel display. 


Spring mantel in black and white with a layered photo frame wall 2


And some fresh flowers never hurt. 

Thank you Whisker Graphics for asking me to be on your design team. I’m sure I’ll have lots of fun creating with your beautiful paper goodies.

And if you want to check out the other projects the members of the Design Team are making you can visit the Whisker Graphics blog and see them all in full color.


I received the package with pretty paper goodies for free, in return I promised to create some fun projects and share them with you all here. 


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  1. Emilou says

    Hi Marianne, wow, a great idea and was so glad to see how you used the small pieces of paper you cut off the the sack. Thanks for sharing. Blessings and smiles, Emilou :-)

  2. Etta says

    Love your mantel! You are so talented, of course you will be discovered by companies all over the world!