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Sunny Spring Sunday

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Wow, are you having as marvelous a Spring as we are? I sure hope so, because it is beautiful and I wish that for all of you.

We are having lots of  sunshine and blue skies and that has brought all the birds and bees out and there are Spring blossoms everywhere.

Jam Cupcakes White China


Weather like that is a gift. In this low, wet country of mine, you can never count on tomorrow’s weather, so when the sun is out you take advantage of it. So far I have already ate an ice cream cone while walking home, lathered myself with sunblock, exposed my milky white legs to the sun, lounged in the hammock, and spent hours on our terrace sipping tea and eating jam muffins.

And it ain’t April yet!!!


Cherry Blossom


Really life is too short not to enjoy it while you can. So although I have created this enormous mess in my office/craft room/ girl space and there are a ton of projects waiting for me to finish them, and I am way behind on just about anything, I decided to just let it all take care of itself and drink-in this beautiful Sunday.

So I went running with my guy early in the morning (yeah you read that right, I started running again. Amazing I know, downright miracle in fact), and that made me feel totally deserving of some freshly baked muffins. Wouldn’t you Knipogende emoticon


Jam Cupcakes White China 2


And then we ate them all…….


Jam Cupcakes


I ♥ Sunny Spring Sundays.


What do you ♥?


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  1. Hi! I just found your blog through Frugal Friday, and I love your writing style… and your honesty… and the photos in this post are especially gorgeous! Makes me want to go outside right now and enjoy some of the sunshine filtering through my own window! Just wanted to let you know that I’m your newest follower :)

    • Marianne@Songbird says:

      Welcome to the Flock!
      Thanks for the compliments. I try my best and hope that it resonates. Good to know that it does….

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