The Countdown has begun….. Christmas Inspiration Linky Party

I have a surprise for you!!!


A surprise Linky party….




Cause you see I got a little shock as I watched the calendar this morning, did you realize that as I type this it is only 30 days until Christmas!?!

To suggest that I am ready, couldn’t be further from the truth. I think I know what I am going to do as far as decorations go and I have very carefully started some Christmas crafts (nothing finished yet). I seem so be still in the idea gathering phase.


So getting ready will require some help. And the blog world comes to the rescue:

The lovely Angela from A Cottage Magpie has the audacity and courage to start a 30 day Christmas parade today.  Angela will share her awesome decorating talent, she will do giveaways and has lots more Christmas fun planned for all of us.


And every Saturday there will be a themed Christmas Linky Parade.




Wow what a line up! You want to be a part of that, don’t you!!!!


To start her series I have the honor to host the first linky party with her. And the theme is:


Christmas Inspirations….





Couldn’t be more perfect could it. I still need all the Inspiration for the Season I can get.


So why don’t we all prepare for the Christmas decorating extravaganza that together then?
And why don’t you all help me get some really good ideas for Christmas decorating?
Shall we officially kick of the Christmas season together here?


Have you written a post where you compile your Christmas inspirations found on the web/blogs/ Pinterest/etc  then come link it up here…….

Or you could link up your Christmas Home tours from last year as I am sure it has oodles of inspiration for all of us…..

Or if you have ever done a particular Christmas craft, recipe, or decoration that you are out of this world proud of: link it up …….


In short link up any post you have written past or present (present is best of course), that is a good source of some Christmas inspiration for us to get in the mood.


Linky rules.

You knew there would be rules, didn’t you……


  • Anyone can link up to three posts old or new
  • You can link up here at Songbird or at a Cottage Magpie, the links will show up at both places
  • Link back to me (Songbird) and to Angela (Cottage Magpie) in your post. This might mean you have to go in to your old post and alter it. Use a text link or use this cute button (with link!)



  • The linky will be open for link ups until next Saturday Morning.
  • Both Angela and I will each select our favorite posts for a round up next Saturday. ONLY posts that link back to us will be featured.
  • Be a nice party go-er, and visit at least as many other links as you have linked up yourself (seems fair doesn’t it).

That’s it, nothing complicated.

So let the fun begin…..

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  1. says

    I too am feeling a bit not ready!!! We went out of town the day after Thanksgiving and so I tried to scramble and get a few things done before but in reality I am going to be coming home to a ton of storage boxes of ornaments and decor spread all over the house! :)

  2. says

    Eating leftover turkey, listening to Handel’s Messiah and decorating for Christmas today- taking a break to find more inspiration for my decorating – thanks to you and your fun party!!!

    bee blessed