Follow Blogs with Google Reader. Part II

Hi guys I am back with the second part of my series about how to follow blogs. I promised you some pointers and tips on how to make Google Reader work for you the best way.

Tips and Tricks how to use Google Reader

I decided to step into new territory and make a screen cast video for you where I show you how I use GR to catch up with my backload of unread posts. { LOL the first one I did ended up being 25 min long. Yeah I know I am long winded. I managed to bring it down to 15 min. Hope you can still follow along}

You can watch my pointer dance around the screen while you can hear my jabbering on about what I am doing.

So let me apologize beforehand about butchering your beautiful language with my jumbled up, heavily accented English. So please be kind when you comment on my accent and remember that my English probably is still a lot better than your Dutch Glimlach (unless you are a fellow Dutch person of course).

Anyway here is the video. You might try viewing it in full screen mode to really follow along.



So to recap things.

In this video I showed you:

  • How to organize your blogs into folders
  • How to toggle between expanded view and list view and how to use the keyboard shortcuts
  • How to visit the real blog from Google Reader
  • How to use the “next” button to ‘surprise’ visit blogs
  • How to send links to posts to Facebook, Twitter etc. within Google Reader
  • How to read foreign language blogs in reader.
  • What the Google Reader+ Plugin for Chrome can do.

I have written a previous posts about Google Reader. Where you can find a lot of the info in the video and even a bit more all written out for you. So if you’d rather read some tips and tricks to Google Reader you can go here.


The first part of this series:  the best ways to follow your blogs and how to handle the demise of GFC.

I hope this was helpful. And as always, if something is unclear or when you have further questions just hit that comment link and let me know.



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  1. says

    I really like using the Next button when I only have a few minutes to fill. It helps me too not get distracted by all the blog posts waiting for me in my reader. :-)

    • Marianne@Songbird says

      Oh yes! Seeing that number of unread posts can be quite daunting. And I love the surprise factor in the Next button too.

  2. says

    I shared your info on a blog post today with links to your 1st post and now the 2nd one. Thanks for sharing all this info with us. You’re a doll! I started watching the video and it’s been super helpful and I’m really liking the google reader. I got hung up on the folders part of the video as I started organizing everyone 😀

    I’ll finish watching it later. Great tips and tricks. Again…thank you so much! And love your accent 😀

    • Marianne@Songbird says

      Thank you! I was wondering whether the newsletter went out okay. Good to know that you liked it, and I appreciate the link love.

  3. says

    Great post and great video Marianne. I was thinking about switching away from Google Reader but using your tips I think it will work fine for me afterall. – Thanks from a new subscriber!