‘Tis the Season……. For my best seven spray painting tips

‘Tis the season….

Spray paint season is here! Even though we are still having light frost at night, the days have warmed up enough that I can spray paint again. Can I have a YEAH! please.

I haven’t always been such a fan of spray painting though. In fact there was a time not too long ago, that I was planning to form a Spray-Paint-Anonymous blogging group. A group where fellow spray-paint challenged DIY-ers could gather and share their shame of being a spray-paint klutz.

Everyone seemed to be delightfully spraying everything and it all looked gorgeous. But my spray paint projects were always uneven, drippy, and messy. But I have since learned a few tricks, perfected my spray paint routine and gathered some handy spray paint essentials.

So in honor of spray paint season, let me share my spray paint tips.

Sorry no pretty pictures in this post………

1. Organize yourself a spray paint booth.


Spray paint will get everywhere. So find a spot where you won’t be hardbroken over some paint mist scattering around. Cover everything in sight anywhere and install some kind of spray podium.

My spray paint booth is in our garden shed. In a corner near the doors I have clipped up some old sheets. (and much to my Love’s delight that’s where they have been for weeks now. Sorry honey, ‘tis the season, you know). If I actually start spraying I’ll open the doors for ventilation. And I’ll wear a mask anyway!



2. Rig your objects in such a way that you don’t have to touch them  (A)

If at all possible I try to hang my object so I don’t have to touch it and can get to all sides and top and bottom in one go. A simple ladder that is already paint stricken anyway does the job nicely. Here you see a formerly red lamp from my craft room slowly turning white.

If I can’t hang it I use something else:



3. Rig your objects in such a way that you don’t have to touch them (B)

An old lazy Susan is not so lazy anymore but seeing some action. I love this to rotate pieces slowly. Good spray paint results depend on moving the nozzle all the time. This way I can be moving the object twice. My hand is constantly going up and down while I turn the vase at the same time.

4. Use a primer

I was always to impatient to do this, and skipped the primer thinking that the paint would stick anyway. Most of the times I was just plain wrong. Using a light coat of primer first has improved my outcomes by at least 100%


5. Use multiple light covers (don’t try to get a good cover right away)

Contain your impatience! Whenever I goof up it is always because I try to get a complete cover in one go. DOES.NOT. WORK!  Use multiple light even covers and let dry slightly in between. This gives the most beautiful result without drips. My next handy tool has finally been able to help me get those even covers.


I hunted high and low for this:



6. Use a handle for the can

Who would have thought that  little bit of plastic in the shape of a gun would make such a difference but this handle to go on the can is awesome. It has saved my spray painting ways! And finally made me feel I had outgrown my spray paint klutz status. Love it!!!

Using a handle on the can makes spraying something not only a lot easier on my trigger finger, it definitely improves the final outcome too.

I think my American readers are lucky and can find this at Home Depot or a similar store. Not over here. No DIY store even carried it, and I couldn’t find it online either. In the end my love came up with the winning idea: try a hobby store for remote control cars. They had it!!!!

For the Dutchies:

Even een tip in het Nederlands. Zo’n handvat voor een spuitverf bus had ik al op verschillende Amerikaanse blogs gezien en leek mij ideaal. Ik kon hem echter in NL nergens vinden. Totdat ik ging kijken bij een winkel waar ze materialen verkopen om van die op afstand bestuurbare autotjes enzo te maken. Daar hadden ze ze voor een paar euro. Dit ding is zo verschrikkelijk handig. Spuiten is niet meer zo vermoeiend voor je hand en vinger, maar het geeft vooral een veel mooier resultaat. Dus als je regelmatig een spuitverf bus ter hand neemt, ga dan op zoek naar een handvat!

7. Don’t touch it!

Usually I am working on a decorative corner somewhere or crafting something when I realize that this or that should be white, or black, or…. I tend to spray it quickly and almost immediately pick it up to use it. WRONG! In between coats a short drying time is okay. But if you are going to handle it, let it dry at least for a few hours, a day is even better. Do as I say and not as I do. Most of my projects have at least one visible finger print on them as proof of my impatience (CSI situation here).



tips for spray painting

I have got my spray paint booth set up, my lazy susan ready, a nifty can handle at my disposal:  I am all ready for some serious spray paint action.

How about you? Spray paint pro or klutz?
Any more tips to share?
What is your favorite item you have ever spray painted?


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  1. says

    Great tips for a spray painting booth. although I would say ” contain your patience ” about 100 more times…just for emphasis of course!

    Interesting about the spray gun handle… they even sell the cheapo-s at the Dollar General here.

    Have fun painting! Pat

    • Marianne@Songbird says

      Oh yes patience, and along with that proper project planning. Still a lot to learn here too.
      Yes I know, funny isn’t it. I always spot the most handy little items being totally taken for granted at the American sites. There are so many things that we haven’t caught up to yet. Like choice in spray paint color. Don’t start me on that, my options are very limited.
      And then again, we (Europeans) lead in other areas.

  2. says

    I’m somewhere in between. I am a bit clumsy normally so it is not surprising that I have goofed a few times too. Hmm, my favourite spray paint project? Our master bedroom lamp bases. From a weird reddish colour to black. Soooo much nicer. Great tips and thanks for sharing.

    • Marianne@Songbird says

      You clumsy? Never! And I am sure those lamps turned out 1000% better. Black is the new white, you know!

  3. Ryanne says

    Just started about 2 months ago, certain I was a Klutz. But my console turned out great, the little table I found is waiting for it’s final coat (I want to use a crackle medium, but don’t want to spend too much money on it) and even a candle stick turned out chic.
    Sadly, as a Dutchy myself, the options are indeed limited as it comes to brands. What’s your favorite, Marianne?
    Thanks for the tip about the spray can holder!

  4. says

    I must say, this is THE MOST informative and helpful article I think I have ever come across on a blog. I do all my spray painting in the summer because I have to do mine outside, but much of your advice still applies. Well done and Thank you from all of us who love to spray everything white!

  5. says

    Again, great and informative! I can’t wait until this German drizzle goes away long enough so that I can set up an outdoor spray booth. Danke!

    • Marianne@Songbird says

      I hear that better weather is coming for us at the end of the week. I can’t wait for the air to finally warm up so we can enjoy the sun when she is shining.