Top 10 Makeover Projects of 2011

G’day my friends, hope your Christmas celebrations were even better than you had hoped. My Christmas was wonderfully relaxed and easy, just as I like it. Spent with all the people I love most in this world and with no stress over getting everything perfect.

Christmas is a time of melancholy for me and looking back at yet another year that sped by far too fast.

Thinking back at the year I somehow I had the impression I hadn’t accomplished much in the sense of big makeover projects this year. No rooms got a total makeover, so I didn’t feel like I had had a productive year.

Until I started working on this traditional end-of-the- year post and went back into my own archives. Wow, bit by bit, I really chopped away at it this year. I pleasantly surprised myself.

So I can highly recommend it, when you are feeling down and frustrated with yourself look back. Look back hard. Look back at what you DID do, and be happy about it. Let the unfinished projects be next years worry. This end of the year is for celebrating our achievements and accomplishments.

So here she goes:


In the category: A woman’s place is in the kitchen….

Songbird Kitchen Pantry Makeover

I started the year of right. With a project that desperately needed to be Gittered Done! My kitchen pantry got a makeover and some much needed extra storage possibilities too.


In the category: Mirror, mirror on the wall…..

Songbird Altered Mirror


An old forgotten mirror got a slightly altered look with the help of paint remover and oven cleaner.


In the category: Let there be Light…..

Songbird Lamp Makeovers


I finally solved the “I have no light to craft at night” situation in my craft room, I altered two lamps. A thrifted chandelier got the deluxe treatment with white paint, music paper and crystals. And a little thrifted lamp without a proper cover got girlied up with lace and ribbons.


In the category: My Love didn’t think it could look this cute…..

Songbird Sawhorse Bench Makeover


Way back in time, when he was young and resourceful, My Love made a little sawhorse bench in school. It was long forgotten and abandoned when I rescued it from his parents basement. Now it is as cute as a bunny and lovely to play stylist with.


In the category: Most Sentimental Makeover……

Songbird White Garden Bench Makeover


An old garden bench from my in-laws got a new lease on life. With the help of Mr. Songbird her rotted wooden boards got replaced and Mrs. Songbird brought out the white paintbrush. Now she helps light up our dark overshadowed front yard.


In the category: Two halves make one whole……

Songbird Galvanized Garden Table Makeover


This one took a bit of courage. But I sawed a table into pieces and then put it back together again to make one very durable, beautiful and handy garden work table. It took some time but she even got the finishing touch with a galvanized top.


In the category: This isn’t project Runway….


Songbird Sweater Pillows


Some sweaters I had laying around forever, finally became with they were destined to be: new Fall pillows for our couch.

In the Category: She is once, she is twice, she is three times a table

Songbird Refectory Table Makeover


Some projects just don’t work out the first time around. This old refectory table got a makeover twice. The second one was golden….


In the Category: Project Whiteout

Songbird Project White Out


Summer and Fall were dedicated to erasing yellow from our life and replacing it with beautiful, gorgeous, lovely, shiny white. During our Summer holiday we painted the roof of our new porch, and in the process I mastered the art of painting window ledges without taping them. In my Fall break at the end of my 31 Days to Get It Done! challenge I painted most of the woodwork on the ground floor. I am loving the white so much that painting the remaining yellow woodwork white in 2012 is high on my list.

In the category: From Songbird for the birds….

Songbird Birdfeed Chandelier


An old chandelier got repurposed into a birdfeed chandelier. The birds are loving it and so is Songbird.



I hope you enjoyed this little tour of Songbird makeover creativity in 2011. In case you haven’t had enough, I’ll give you the quick links to my 2009 and 2010 roundup posts too (click on the image to be taken there):

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  1. says

    Just happened upon your page from Pretty Handy Girl’s site and I have spent the last hour ooohing and aahhhing over so many of your projects!!! I just had to tell you how much I love your blog!!! I’ll definitely be visiting often, and now have a few more ideas to add to my to-do list. 😉

    • Marianne@Songbird says

      Well welcome to my blog. I love having you around. And good luck with that to-do list. Mine is quite scary too :-)