Top DIY projects of 2013 {a year in review}

2013 was a rather slow year when it comes to major DIY projects. No grand room reveals and not a whole lot of major makeovers either. But the ones I did had been living in my head for a frightfully long time. And most of them now rank really high on my favorite projects ever list. 


Top DIY projects 2013 Songbird


In 2013 my DIY projects definitely were all about making our home work better for us and transforming some old trusted work horses to go better with my current style. 

So let’s see what I did get done.


chalkboard on a vintage door in the kitchen via Songbirdblog


This vintage door turned chalk board gets used  every day. We use it for leaving each other messages, for our running grocery list and for jotting down the menu plan for the night. 

And those little house-lights are still on there and I still love to light them up at night. Heck even that ‘Dutch scene’ is still on there. 


Vintage Door turns Chalkboard for Kitchen via Songbirdblog


Each and every night, especially now in winter, we are so happy with our new updated window treatments. It took me a ridiculous amount of years to turn long draping non-functioning curtains into sweet little roman blinds that are layered with the original roman blinds on the existing hardware.


Makhow to make double layered folding blinds


And then there was of course my infamous hutch makeover. Definitely a project that took me outside my comfort zone and had me doubting my sanity. And yet I had a vision, and when that vision became reality, it felt so good.


furniture makeover hutch milk paint striped


There isn’t a day that goes by without me thinking at least once that I am so happy with my light and breezy hutch. Our whole living room feels as if it has lost weight, heck my whole house feels lighter. 


furniture makeover hutch milk paint striped


The next project was truly a blogging induced wish. After seeing so many beautiful planked walls all over blogland I wanted one, but since our European home isn’t really suited for it (and my Love isn’t agreeing with me on how awesome it would be) it was a thing to dream about. Until a quiet little moment of inspiration where I decided that a bit of faking it wasn’t going to hurt anyone. And where to fake it best than right in the spot in my home where a planked wall would be the most awesome: right above my ‘mantel’. So in a little bit more than one afternoon, I gifted myself  with my own bit of planked mantel wall.


Fall mantel decoration in brown lantern pinecones wicker heart via


This was so easy, and so totally not permanent and yet so gratifying. And It already worked its magic for my Christmas mantel decoration too.


Fall mantel decoration in brown lantern pinecones wicker heart via


After this quick and rather easy project I was in the mood for more like that. So the next project really didn’t take long either. But it definitely added another nice touch to my living room.

The antique wardrobe door makeover with milk paint was quick and easy and so much fun.


decorative vintage door painted with milk paint black and white pillows via


 After a couple of milk paint projects under my belt I felt confident enough to write a milk paint review with my own personal experiences and self learned tips and tricks. 


The last project of the year got finished just in time before the Christmas frenzy started happening. I am still so very pleased and proud with this one. My Ikea Lack TV stand makeover definitely gives my Hutch Makeover a run for its money when it comes to the question of which one is my favorite.


Furniture project Ikea Lack tv table makeover hack songbirdblog


I guess I am just like any mom and  have to say that they are all my favorites…..

So not a giant list of DIY projects were completed in 2013 and definitely not anywhere near the amount that were on my to-do list in January. But these all really mattered to me, are used and loved and bring me joy on a daily basis. And that’s why I DIY in the first place. 

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  1. Emilou says

    Hi Marianne, oh I am so glad you shared all your projects again. I loved your hutch redo as you truly told us what you were experiencing at the time. And it turn out so well!!! So happy for you! I am thinking of making some of your tea bags and use a heart shape for Valentines Day. (Or in my case….. coffee :-) Blessings and smiles, Your friend in Oregon, Emilou :-)