Tree Trunk Candlestick

Today’s project could qualify as the ultimate repurpose. It involved a piece of garden waste and a half finished project that had become obsolete.

This project also is proof that it is never too late to finish a project. Even if you didn’t know when you started that this is what you were making.

I made a candle stick out of a tree trunk.


Tree Trunk Candle Stick 6


Somewhere in Spring, or it could even have been Fall last year, my love removed a big bush/ small tree from our garden. He put most of it through the shredder but the stump was too big. I put it somewhere in a corner to be taken away later, or to be repurposed, into one of those tree trunk tables perhaps…..


Chandelier cup


In the summer of 2009 I painted a brass chandelier white. I intended to use it as my lamp in my craft room. I never finished it and even found another one I liked better later. So this one was forgotten downstairs in the basement.

Until I took it apart.


Tree Trunk Candle Stick 7


Cleaned up that tree trunk a bit so it would lay flat and screwed the flowers of the chandelier onto the trunk. As you can see the paintjob got damaged from taking the chandelier apart. I didn’t mind. Only adds to the rustic, I think.



I ‘glued’ the candles with some melted candle wax onto the candle stick.


Tree Trunk Candle Stick 1


I love the ruggedness of it all. If I had lived closer to the see I might have done this with a piece of driftwood. But here and now, this piece of wood will do just fine.


Tree Trunk Candle Stick 3


It was quite the conversation piece when we had some drinks with friends on the terrace. It does its job as centerpiece very well indeed.


Tree Trunk Candle Stick 2


Of course you can’t leave these candles burning unattended, but can you ever.


Tree Trunk Candle Stick 5

So here you have it: some bits from a forgotten and neglected chandelier and a piece of woodsy garden waste come together in this: a tree trunk candelabra.

Hmm, another project of the list (two actually, both the chandelier and the tree trunk were on somewhere on that perpetual list I keep in the back of my mind) and a really cool bit of outdoor décor in my garden. Cool!!!

I didn’t know I was making a tree trunk candle stick when I painted that chandelier white and put that trunk away, it only became that when I decided to go do something with some forgotten projects and see if I could put some UFO’s (UnFinished Objects) to rest…..


I am writing a series of 31 days to Get it Done! You can find all the posts in this series here.
On the first day I explained in detail what this series is about and what I am going to do, find that post and all the posts since then in order here.


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  1. Lorrie says

    What a fantastic way to use two disparate items. I might just look for a piece of driftwood next time I walk along the beach.

  2. Di says

    That is beautiful!! I received my package of beautiful french music sheets and beautiful packaging…Your etsy site is great. Di

  3. Blondie's Journal says

    Oh…how I love this! It's natural and pretty and functional!! Can't get any better than that!! Very well done, Marianne!


  4. Christina says

    This is a truly amazing project! I just LOVE what you did to make such a beautiful rustic centerpiece.

    Thank you so much for this inspiration.

    Take care,

  5. Green Willow Pond says

    Cool is right! That candle holder rocks! I love how you are knocking the projects out right now.

    I really need to do a couple of smaller projects just to feel like I've accomplished something. Everything I'm doing right now is either maintenance, getting ready for winter or big projects that take a reeeally long time. I'll be staying tuned…loving your posts in this series.

  6. Christina at I Gotta Create! says

    Makes me think of a dogwood tree in bloom with those pretty white flowers. Such a terrific job on this!

  7. Joann says

    i AM amazed at your creativity!!! I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this wood candle holder! I WANT it! I actually would like to make my own, if only I can find a stump the appropriate size. Gorgeous…carry on…