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Two Easy Christmas Makeovers

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Turn Thrift Store Finds into Vintage- Inspired Christmas Decorations


update dated Christmas decorations with paint and glitter


I just want to show you two little Christmas Makeovers that where so easy that I am almost to ashamed to mention them here. But then again they are examples of how easy it is too find something ugly (but cheap) and turn it into a favorite.

Take this brass deer for example.


deer before

I am sure you have seen hundreds of these brass/copper animals in thrift stores. This one was among the brass collection of my in-laws. I had walked passed it numerous times. When we had the big house-sale no one was in the least bit interested in it, neither was I. Until a moment of inspiration.

Some white spray paint, a layer of modpodge and some glitter. And voila!


deer after


I think she looks adorable now. And I love how the glitter reflects the light.

Another item nobody wanted at the big sale was this corny snowman.


snowman before

He had a nice smile, but way too much going on, with the three colors of blue, the too shiny silver and all the bells and whistles. But I saw so many cute snowman on so many blogs, that I took a second look at this one and decided to see what I could do.

This is him now:


snowman after

Quite a difference, don’t you agree. And it was easy but it took a few steps, that I forgot to photograph. Sorry. First I mixed up a kind of green that I liked. I tried to get a Robin’s egg blue but at my mix turned out more green then I wanted. So after the first step (painting all the blues this greenish color) I wasn’t quite convinced this was going to work. But I have learned by now not to give up on a project too soon and just keep working on it. So the second step was misting him with some spray paint (while my deer was drying). That toned down the green immediately. My confidence was getting up.

The third step was adding some brownish glaze, especially to all the too bright silver bits. This aged him a bit more and added some shadows. The last step was modpodge and glitter. And now I think he is so cute.


snowman after closeup

So, I guess the lesson here is, always take a second look. And keep working on your projects until they feel right, don’t give up to soon (and even if it doesn’t work out, if you got it for (almost) free that doesn’t  really matter and you at least had fun fiddling with it).

And if you want to see these two doing their thing in my Christmas craft room vignette, click here.


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  1. Marsha's Mpressions says:

    Very clever of you. Love them both!

  2. You did a FABULOUS job on both pieces…but I must say the snowman looks perfect.
    I really don't know which piece I like better….thanks for the tips!

  3. casa nostra says:

    tja, verf is echt een wondermiddel. het hertje is bijna onherkenbaar, leuk ook dat je daar glittertjes op gedaan hebt. de sneeuwman ziet er zo ook heel anders uit, is nu wat neutraler van kleur en oogt zo ook wat rustiger. helemaal goe gedaan.

  4. Cindy ~ My Romantic Home says:

    Wow, those look great now! What a difference! Very creative!

  5. Oh leuk gedaan! Ik ga snel weer verder, ik ben nog steeds aan het 'inhalen', maar het voelt een beetje als het verslaan van de 7 koppige draak: iedereen blijft maar posten schrijven! Ik wilde trouwens graag naar je kersthoekje op zolder gaan, maar ik kom steeds weer bij deze post uit.

  6. What great transformations! Bravo! They look fabulous.

  7. Marijke van Ooijen says:

    Hay Marianne,

    Nu zien ze er zo schattig uit, met die lieve glittertjes…

    En dan die kerstkrans…het is helemaal geweldig.

    Wat een leuke ideen heb je zeg.


  8. Delightful Dwelling says:

    What great makeovers! I can't believe the difference with that snowman and I loooove that little reindeer.

  9. The makeovers are perfect! Such an improvement. Thanks for sharing with us!
    Karen @ Elderberry Street

  10. Tracy Suzanne says:

    Hi Marianne. They both turned out so cute. I just saw something ceramic and something similar to this in resin at the thrift store and wondered if you could paint it without losing all the character. I guess you can!

    Thanks for sharing.
    Merry Christmas & Hugs…Tracy :)

  11. Hootin' Anni says:

    Definitely much improved…well done.

    Mine's posted now…it's another new one for my collection of Holiday Decor..La Befana

  12. OHH I'm in love with both of your show and tell items! I am especially taken with the lovely deer, so graceful and magical looking now! Thank you for sharing!

  13. That is an awesome idea!! They look beautiful!! I think I need to go digging around in the attic in the boxes of all my older Christmas stuff that I don't care for anymore and give them makeovers!

  14. Ooo…I really like what you've done to both of them! Glitter makes the world a happier place :)

    Cute blog…I'll be back!

  15. Lynda @ Elegance Reclaimed says:

    Oh I just LOVE these! You did a GREAT job.

    Thank you for sharing and have a GRAND weekend.

  16. Moms For Morality says:

    Very creative and VERY Beautiful. You did a great job on both pieces. It's Perfect for the Holidays.

  17. Thanks for the advice.. I'm gonna cheer up all the pieces of my Christmas Village for next year…. you're so creative.. Happy Holidays.

  18. Mary Ellen (megardengal) says:

    I have a similar snowman!! How very cute! I have him hidden because he really didn't go with my decor but if I have time I am going to try and do your magic on him!


  19. Sweet Bee Cottage says:

    Great transformations! Those are inspriring!


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