Variation on my White Mantel

I have added some color to my white mantel. I love how versatile my white mantel really is. I only added some natural brown touches and the whole mantel display gets a totally different vibe.


White Mantel Natural Colors 5


That is why I love white so much. It can be a true star all by itself. And at the same time it is the best background to let other colors shine.


White Mantel Natural Colors 2


This mantel decoration is all about texture. Cause let’s face it. Brown isn’t the most expressive of colors either. And yet it works so beautifully. The two wreaths and the rattan dish plate, all three have a different pattern going. And the shiny feather balls add their own soft texture to the mix.


White Mantel Natural Colors 3


This mantel makeover started when I found these cotton stems at IKEA. I loved them. With the help of some sand I put them in the vase and then the whole mantel just begged for more of that gorgeous brown and white combination.


White Mantel Natural Colors 4


This mantel display came easy. As if it was already out there and I only had to unveil it. Does that make sense at all?

Sometimes create a vignette is a struggle. And it takes forever to get it right. And sometimes it is as if the decorations find themselves, as if I am only the sculpture chipping away at the rock to reveal the statue that was in there all along.


White Mantel Natural Colors 1

Tomorrow it is Queens day, and my country will be one big partying wave of orange again.

But tonight I relish in my natural mantel makeover.

And since I have enjoyed giving my white mantel this makeover I think I am going to set myself another little challenge. For the month of Mai I will do variations of it. Stretching my wings a bit and playing with color. Trying to create different mantels with different moods even if the base elements of this one stay the same.

What do you think? Could you stand to see this mantel made over a couple of times more?


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  1. says

    that mirror is so gorgeous!
    I love the cotton sprig too.
    We used to have cotton growing here in the county I live in– back when I was a kid, we’d pass through on the way to the lake and you could see nothing but cotton for miles. When we moved to this county…my own children were little or being born– there was still a little bit of cotton growing. Now… you have to know where to drive to see it. All the cotton trailers and balers are gone– closed up. One cotton gin is still there– and it’s a restaurant. It’s called “THE COTTON GIN” … go figure.

    love your mantel!