Whisked away to the big Apple

Hi sweet friends I am back.

Back in more ways than one. You see I haven’t only been away from blogging I have been away from home. Last week my Love whisked me away for a few days in my favorite city in the whole wide world.


Times Square by night

Turns out that a trip to the city that never sleeps was exactly what the doctor prescribed. At first I was a bit hesitant, still not feeling a 100%, but I just couldn’t say no to the offer of a few days of special time with my guy in that special city.


Street Fashion

New York is such a crazy place, there really is no other. The energy just oozes around every corner. So we walked and walked. At least 10 miles every day. We shopped, and we browsed. We took liquid sustenance at Starbucks and we walked on.


Anthropologie Store Front

I was tired, my body protested at times. But my mind and spirit were lifted in such a big way that my body couldn’t stay behind.



New York Antropologie store collection

Anthropologie store collection

I came back exhausted, jet-lagged and with sore feet. But most of all I came back energized, inspired and with a new zest to ‘get on with it’.


One World Trade Center

New York itself is a city that never gives up. Whatever is thrown at it, they put their shoulders under it, and carry on. So inspiring.

And I never know, if we bloggers take our cues from the ‘designers’, or if it is the other way around, but everywhere there were the new trends that are so ever-present in the blog world.

Like Fish Eddy: vintage China and shipping crates where everywhere. Love that store.

Vintage China at Fish Eddy

Oh how I wish I could have packed up those old crates, also from Fish Eddy

New York city Halloween decorations

Me and Mr. Pumpkin Head.

And then again. I don’t think the resourcefulness of us bloggers has gone mainstream yet. ABC Home was as gorgeous as ever. And yet, most of what I saw was so overpriced it was ridiculous. Tiny vintage bottles for  $40 each. Doesn’t anyone go thrifting in New York?


Home office supplies at ABC Home

But I loved browsing the store. This ‘office’ corner was my favorite. And look at that cool accessory on the shelf! Donna are you seeing this? A roll of barb wire as shelf décor. Cool.


Vintage roll of barb wire

Now look at the price tag…



Yup that is right $125 dollars for a ‘vintage’ roll of barb wire. Crazy I tell you. Crazy!


Me re-acquainting myself with the vintage mirrors.

They still carried the vintagified mirrors that where the inspiration behind my homemade version of a vintage mirror.


Roof top water towers

I have been to New York a few times now. And each time I fall in love a bit more.


In love with the busy streets, the yellow cabs, the water towers on the roof tops, the quiet parks, the presence of the sea, the fashionable people, the deli’s, the high end shopping, the quirky boutiques, the street art, the monuments and the craziness of it all.


View of the Statue of Liberty at sunset


We had gorgeous weather. Just a bit of rain one evening. But the rest is was blue skies and clear nights. New York was preparing itself for the holiday season. So Halloween, Thanksgiving and even some Christmas decorations where popping up everywhere. This city sure knows how to throw a party.


Rockefeller center

And this one….

I didn’t even know it existed.


M&M store

An M&M store.

Soooo busy with shoppers, I saw the tell-tale little bags everywhere in the streets.

I was a good girl. I only took pictures home with me. As always when faced with too many choices I don’t know what to do anymore and I end up not buying anything.


M&M’s in every possible color and flavor

Good thing, I could do without those sugary calories. Pretty though.


Speaking of too much of a good thing. We hung out in the fashion district quite a bit. All the bead stores and trim stores are so gorgeous. I think this one was the biggest of them all.


Embellishment and ribbon heaven

It was huge and filled to the brim with every bit of ribbon, lace or string that you could imagine. I was completely overwhelmed. I thought about buying some yards of this and that, but in the end it was simply sensory overload and I left empty handed.


Tassels anyone?

Just as well, it isn’t as if I don’t have any craft materials at home…


I didn’t leave empty handed here:


Mood Fabric Store

This time around I was successful in finding Mood fabric store (you know the one from project runway). Talk about sensory overload. I was in fabric heaven.


Linens at Mood Fabric

In my mind I was walking the aisles with my mom. Oh how she would have loved this store.

I had something specific in mind to get here, and I found it (of course). I need some time behind the sewing machine and then I’ll let you know what I got.


We spent our final hours catching our breath in Central Park.


Central Park bridge in Fall

Amazingly beautiful as ever.


Thank you New York City, you made me a new person once again.


So what is your favorite city in the world? And where would you like to go to fill up on energy and inspiration?

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  1. says

    What a gorgeous post. Your photos of NCY are beautiful, you have captured the city in a way that makes me want to visit.
    I’m glad you were energised by your time away.
    Anne xx

      • says

        I think the same as Anne above, after reading your blog and seeing the wonderful pictures (especially that fabric store, wauwie!!) I would like to go there myself (and that is a surprise to me, ’cause I never wanted to go to the States before). Our eldest daughter (she’s almost 14 now) has recently been under the spell of New York, that city is on top of her list to visit one day plus she wants her bedroom in that style (Yellow Cab, black&white, etc.). Maybe one day we can go there together (although I doubt if she would join me into that fabric store for hours and hours and hours, haha). For now, we have plans to visit London next summer, as a sort of compromise haha.
        Thanks for sharing Marianne! And I’m glad you’re feeling better now – and I’m curious about what you will make of the fabric from NY.

        • Marianne@Songbird says

          I hope to be able to play with my new fabric this weekend, so it can be on the blog soon. Good luck with your daughters room, sounds like fun. Fijne avond nog!!

    • Marianne@Songbird says

      Ah Paris and London. Some great cities too for sure. I guess since both of them are kind of on my doorstep, they feel a bit less special. And NYC is just one of a kind. But Paris in Spring, hmm good idea :-)

  2. says

    oh my god…I want to visit that M&M shop…so badly!….I agree those price tags are crazy but people obviously pay that…I’ve got rusty old barb wire down the back of our property… I should roll it up and stick it on etsy …lol.
    Happy to have you back!
    Bec x

    • Marianne@Songbird says

      Girl you coulc be rich, with all that ‘junk’ lying around your property. Sell the barb wire of in pieces and make a fortune :-)

  3. says

    I’ve never been to NY, nor have I felt much of a pull to go. But the fabric store, and that notion store might tempt me. So glad you had a good time away. Looking forward to seeing what you’ll create with your fabric.

    • Marianne@Songbird says

      Oh, you got to go the NYC at least once in your life. I am in love with that place. It is like nothing else. And those stores in the fashion district are fabulous, go with a steady and determined mind and an empty wallet :-)

  4. says

    Welcome back! NY lijkt me ontzettend leuk om te bezoeken. Ik ben er ooit eens geweest, maar dat is lang geleden. Ik zou Anthropology wel eens willen bezoeken. In Londen ben ik wel eens in een M&M winkel geweest. Ik hou eigenlijk niet zo van M&M’s, maar het is ontzettend aanstekelijk als je in de winkel bent. En er zijn ontzettend veel maffe dingen te zien. Ik ben blij dat je je weer wat beter voelt. Bloggen is leuk, maar niet het belangrijkste in een leven.

    • Marianne@Songbird says

      Dank je! Ik ben inmiddels meerdere keren in NY geweest en die stad is verslavend. In Londen schijnt er ook een Anthropologie winkel te zijn maar die heb ik nog niet gezien.
      En inderdaad Bloggen is leuk, maar er zijn belangrijkere dingen.

  5. joanne says

    i love new york city as well…..glad that you were there and back home again….especially since the turn of events with the devastation of sandy (hurricane) how sad to see such destruction to so many cities including nyc.

    thanks for sharing your trip, marianne…..glad you are safe…..