Little White Flower Decoration {some much needed beauty}

G’day beautiful ladies. Today is one of those days. A day I share a bit of easy, light and stress-free decorating with you.

A  little flower decoration that is so simple that I am almost embarrassed to share them with you. But then again I needed this little white flower decoration in my life, and maybe you do too.


coastal white flowers decoration via Songbirdblog


Life is a bit chaotic at the nest right now. The hutch project has slowed down to a stop for some days now. I am waiting for some free time to pick it up. It means my living room has been in total disarray for two weeks now. It is making me a bit  edgy. I don’t do clutter and chaos very well.

Usually when the house gets too big a mess, my head starts to turn into a mess too, …..or is that the other way around?

Anyway, I needed an island of beauty in the chaos. 

So I created one.

nautical beach white flowers decoration via Songbirdblog


Just a quick snip in the garden and the gathering of some clear bottles. Took me all of five minutes to create this, and I felt better instantly. Little flower decoration can do that for you.

I could breath again. It is so much easier to ignore the mess if you can settle your eyes on a quiet, peaceful, little bit of beauty.

It truly is a little island in an ocean of mess, an oasis in a barren desert of clutter. 


white decoration via Songbirdblog


The white on white on white really works for me now. Usually I can do ‘the pop of color’ like the best of them. But sometimes the peacefulness of white is just what the soul needs.


white flowers decoration via Songbirdblog


Aren’t these blooms wonderful. I think they might be the last year I can enjoy them. They come from a rhododendron bush in my front yard. That bush isn’t doing so well. I think it has got some bug, or maybe our rich clay soil is just too much for them (they prefer acidic soil). I think I will have to replace it with something else. I only had these blooms this year, and I cut them all off. I can enjoy them so much more inside then outside. 

Look at that yellow pattern in the heart.


white flowers via Songbirdblog


 I love it. So precious.


white flowers beach decoration via Songbirdblog


Thanks for visiting my friends. I am so happy that you continue to follow my little stories. Thank you!!

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  1. Brigitte says

    Hi Marianne,
    I’ve been a silent follower of your blog for a few months now. Just wanted to let you know I looooove your blog and totally relate to your style! I also hear you regarding the “island of beauty”. I’ve been moving around quite a bit. I’m in Algiers right now. When we first moved in, our furniture arrived, I also did create some beauty corners here and there in the house, to feel good in the midst of all my boxes! Enjoy your flowers! You inspired me to go clip some of the white oleanders in our garden. Love from Algier, the white city by the sea! (“Alger la blanche”).

    • says

      Hello Brigitte,
      Welcome and thank you for letting me know that you follow along. I always love to ‘meet’ my readers. And of course thank you for your kind words too.
      Algiers, wow, that sounds exotic. I have visions of sand and desert and now of white oleanders too!

  2. Ellie Van Caster says

    What a beautiful restful vignette-just love it.
    Hope things settle in soon-I too have a real problem with messiness.

  3. says

    Beautiful blossoms, Marianne. Creating an island of beauty in the midst of chaos is so restful and calming, I find. Hope things settle for you.

  4. Rose Franco says

    Hello Marianne,
    I too have been a follower of your blog for a while and I love your style….very calm and serene. My life also has been a little busy and so I removed most of my “old world colors” that I love to calm whites. Hope things get calm and restful for you soon.

    • says

      Hello Rose,
      Thank you for coming out of lurkdom and letting me know you visit. I always love to hear that. And of course welcome to the flock.
      What are ‘old world colors’ if I might ask? Sounds intriguing…..

  5. Gwen says

    Yes. Love all the white. And the piece you used to anchor your setting. So nicely done! Hmmm. I have a white candle…a bottle…I was wondering how the hutch is going. Two weeks isn’t long. Think of the YEARS of enjoyment?!!