Why my living room is smelling like a perfume parlour and the tale of a new camera

I feel  like Scarlett on hot summer night sitting in my boudoir, thinking about my latest beau while I spritz myself with the new scent he gave me as  a gift…..

No such thing. It is just me and my yoga pants at our table in the living room. And behind me there is this:


pink hyacinths decoration via Songbirdblog 5




Pink hyacinths sending their perfume up into the air.  Wow can those babies change the mood in a room. It is finally winter outside: freezing, cold and fresh snow and I am walking around nursing a cold and sipping hot tea while I hide under a blanket. But yet, that perfume….

That perfume that takes me away to romantic evening walks in the garden, stopping from time to time to smell the flowers…..

That perfume reminiscent of sweet old ladies that hand out freshly ironed and  fragrant  handkerchiefs….

That perfume of  the first flowery cologne on a young girls wrist…

That perfume of a handmade soap stand on a summer market  in the heart of the French Provence…

That perfume of pink hyacinths in full bloom…..


pink hyacinths decoration via Songbirdblog 1


 It was an impromptu purchase this weekend. These beauties where marked half down at the grocery store because they had already opened up their flowers. I didn’t mind. I gave them some TLC at home and they have been doing great ever since. 

They invited me to grab my new camera and start playing for real. With props and styling, with settings and positions and with light and shadows.


pink hyacinths decoration via Songbirdblog 2


 Yes that’s right. I have a new camera. I have gone big and semi-pro and I am loving it. It feels super indulgent and way out of my league but here I am with a beast of a DSLR camera (I now am the proud owner of a Canon EOS 6D). And I bought it myself, with my blog money. I needed it…


pink hyacinths decoration via Songbirdblog 3


Well I needed a new camera that’s for sure. During the summer break my favorite lens and my camera started having communication problems, I had to restart my camera all the time. Back home I went to the camera shop and like true failing equipment it worked fine there. But not at home. And then my second favorite lens couldn’t focus anymore, it kept rattling all the time but never settled on a shot. So I was left with the kit lens my camera had originally come with. And then that lens didn’t take any directions from me anymore and just started doing its own thing. When that happened I knew for sure I didn’t have a lens problem but a camera problem.

Everything stopped working, and it was December 1 and I had just started my 12 Days of Christmas series….

And I only had a window of about three hours per day that had enough light for any decent images…..

I panicked, like really  panicking, crying and throwing a fit….


pink hyacinths decoration via Songbirdblog 4


The next day I took a very deep breath, packed up all my gear and went for the camera shop. I was dead-set determined to just buy myself a new camera. I had been thinking, about it for months now, loosing sleep over it and spent endless hours looking at comparisons between cameras. I felt crazy for looking at the higher end ones, but didn’t want to regret my decision if I went for the newer model starters camera (like my old DSLR had been). 

I just knew one thing. My camera was broken from usage. I had worn it out, and I hadn’t shot a single image on automatic for years. Maybe it was time for me to upgrade. 

So there I went nervously grasping the cash in my hand, hoping for some return value on my old gear but oh so  ready for a new one.


pink hyacinths decoration via Songbirdblog 7


Of course in the shop these young dudes started to ask me whether I wanted a di8080jdlj model or and Xyouj*ljlj frame and I had no clue. I know how to use my camera. I know what I want it to be able to do. But I do not know the tech lingo for that, nor can I remember all the numbers and specs of all the different models out there. But after some to-ing and fro-ing I settled on a model. 

And then they didn’t have that one anymore…..

There I was after months of loosing sleep, finally willing and able to part with my money and they didn’t have my camera……


pink hyacinths decoration via Songbirdblog 6


I walked out empty handed and defeated… How was I going to shoot my Christmas series….

And then Mr. Songbird stepped in, drove over to his friends house because he knew he had bought the same camera as me back then and convinced him to let me borrow it.

And for the rest of the month I could use my lenses again, had a camera to shoot with and  of course called the shop almost daily whether my new camera was in.  Cause just like any other kid, I had no patience once I knew I was going to get a new toy….


pink hyacinths decoration via Songbirdblog 8


It arrived just after I had finished my Christmas series….

And I have been having so much fun with it already. It is amazing what this camera can do with the low light days that we are having here. It soaks up every bit of light that there is and turns out great pics every time. 

There is just one thing that my new camera can not do…..


Capture the fragrance of my pink hyacinths……


pink hyacinths decoration via Songbirdblog 9



Let’s talk camera’s and pink hyacinths…..

Leave me a comment or find me in one of my social hangouts….



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  1. Ellie Van Caster says

    What a fabulous story-I too get very frustrated if I’ve made a decision and the it doesn’t work out.
    Sounds like a wonderful camera to enjoy for years to come.
    Hyacinths are pretty and uplifting-I’m glad you found some at this time of year.

    • Marianne Songbird says

      Oh yes, I was very frustrated and if it wouldn’t have looked so ridiculous I would have thrown myself to the floor and stumped my fists and feet. I guess the toddler in me is still alive and kicking 😉
      But it truly would have looked ridiculous so I walked out with my head held high and cursing between my teeth. But all is well with the world now, and my cold will be a memory soon too.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Emilou says

    Hi Marianne, well, I would have never known you were using someone elses camera. Your photos thru Christmas were amazing. Glad you have your own new camera now. You have a real artistic eye of capturing your hyacinths, and an amazing written talent to create a memory of smell. Thank you for sharing. Hope you will be feeling better soon!

    • Marianne Songbird says

      Thank you for all of the above. You are too sweet. It feels good to have my own camera again, and it is wonderful that it can do so much. But it is a whole new learning curve. Ah well, that will just keep the little grey cells young.

  3. lynn cockrell says

    Marianne, what beautiful images! I can almost smell those hyacinths through the screen. Congrats on your new camera.