How to Make a  Twig Wreath (for free)

A twig wreath is the ABSOLUTE EASIEST WREATH to decorate with.  It is so easy and quick to change the basic look of a twig wreath. It is one of my absolute favorite decorating accessories by far.

Use FREE Materials

With a big heap of garden clippings, you have all you need to make a lovely twig wreath.

Add feathers and small eggs and your Twig Wreath is ready for Easter.

Change it Up!

Tuck in faux flowers and move your twig wreath with you through the seasons.

A Twig Wreath is Perfect for your Summer Front Door

Go Luscious + Lavish

Load up your twig wreath with fall decorations for a colorful and beautiful fall harvest wreath

From Summer to Winter Decor. A Twig Wreath is Perfect year-round

Give your CHRISTMAS decor a natural look with a homemade twig wreath.

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