How to Decorate your Window Sill

Wondering what to put on your window sill this season? Here are some great ideas, tips, and inspiration for how to style your window ledges.

Window Sills Are Hard To Decorate

Window sills can easily either look too bare or too cluttered, they are usually pretty narrow and you have to consider how it looks from the outside as well.

Tips & Trick to Follow When Decorating Window Sills

If you follow some basic design rules and think about some practical implications, you'll get your window sill decor right every time.

Plan First

Ask yourself some basic questions about the look and the function your window sill decor should have.

Balance Repetition Symmetry

Size Matters

Avoid too much clutter and go big or group the smalls

Don't forget about the practicalities!

Window Sill Decoration Ideas

Your window sills don't need to be neglected clutter collectors.  There are so many ideas for great window decor in every season.