Let’s Boogie! {Spring Mantel Decoration}

My Disco Ball and Cherry Blossom Spring Mantel Decoration

Hi ladies, 

I am in a Spring kind of mood. As in I have been Spring cleaning the house and I finally feel like a have a Spring mantel decoration going. And you know how it is for us bloggers. The season hasn’t started until the mantel is decorated in style. Or is that just me….


Spring mantel decoration disco ball 8



You may have caught a glimpse of my latest mantel decoration in my Instagramming Me post, but she wasn’t ready for her reveal than yet.

This weekend the cherry blossom finally started blooming and now my Spring mantel is as I envisioned her. Disco ball and all.


Spring mantel decoration disco ball 2


If I ever had the illusion that blogging didn’t influence me or my preferences than this disco ball proves me wrong. I don’t think I would ever have considered a disco ball a home accessory item. But after seeing it pop up on The Nesters blog so frequently it sparked a deep and undying desire  in me to have my own disco ball. 

And thank god for Flea markets. I found one for a steal, so there is one less unfulfilled desire in my life….

……. now for all those others…… 


Spring mantel decoration disco ball 3


The shiny, sparkly disco ball even came with the lamp and one of those color slide thingies, so next time we have a party we can boogie on down for real!


Spring mantel decoration disco ball 4


I had to hunt for my mini disco balls in the Christmas boxes, but that was worth it. 


Spring mantel decoration disco ball 5


Disco balls, cherry blossom and sea coral. How is that for a decorating mix!


I think it works though…..


Spring mantel decoration disco ball 6


My Spring break is finally here, and I suspect that a whole lot of it will be spent shopping. We will be shopping for new clothes, for flea market treasures, for garden plants and of for course for some home decor treasures. Good thing that the man loves to shop even more than I do. 

I hope to be doing some work on projects too, continue with the Spring cleaning and work some more on an online surprise I have in the works. 


Spring mantel decoration disco ball 7


Yeah, Spring break is a busy time, but I have been looking forward to it so much and I am so glad I have finally shaken the winter blues. 


I am ready for it! Rock on!!!!


Spring mantel decoration disco ball1

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  1. Gwen says

    How fun is this!! You are so very creative and soo willing…to even tackle digging through your Christmas boxes to use disco ornaments to reflect spring!! Why it just looks wonderful! Love the pearls around the white pitcher too! Made my day

  2. Lynne says

    I love disco balls. We have a tree beside the deck which we have strung with solar powered fairy lights and disco balls. In the evenings when we are in our sitting room I love to just sit and look through the glass patio doors at the flashing lights reflectiing off the disco balls. During the day the sitting room gets filled with little dancing balls of light as the sunlight reflects off the disco balls and into the room.