Paper Houses Christmas Mantel

Yes! That day has come where I finally show you my 2013 Christmas mantel. This one is hot off the press, the paper is still wet, the ink hasn’t dried and the machines are still running. Quite literally actually. Because please, everyone, meet my Paper Houses Christmas Mantel:


Paper houses Christmas mantel with a light star. Via





Oh this one is bright and white, and simple yet detailed, and fun and I love it! It is exactly what I had in mind. When I came up with this. 

Paper houses Christmas mantel with a light star. Via


My new faux plank wall is the perfect background for it. I hammered in some nails to make the big star with a string of lights. That was the quick and easy part. 

Next came crafting up my little houses. I decided to start easy and use two metal houses that I already owned. They were the inspiration for this whole mantel idea. I love them and thought it would be fun to have a whole line up of them. But I am not about to go out and buy myself a collection of houses, so instead I opted to make them myself. 


Paper houses Christmas mantel with a light star. Via



For the first two I went the Kindergarten way. I used two milk cartons that I painted white (one is the middle one in the photo above) and that I cut windows out of. 

That was rather easy, but also a bit limiting. 

So having gained some confidence I moved on to the next two….


Paper houses Christmas mantel with a light star. Via



I made two hand drawn paper houses from two sheets of sturdy watercolor paper. It was actually much easier than I thought. I drew a flat pattern, cut the windows and doors, drew some embellishments and cut them out. Oh and above, this one does not have a blue roof line, that is light effect that is aggrevated in 


Paper houses Christmas mantel with a light star. Via



 I made detailed instructions, so if anyone is interested I’ll share those seperately. 

For now I just want to bask in the light of my paper houses Christmas mantel.


Paper houses Christmas mantel with a light star. Via


I tried to give you an image that shows the night time effect, but that one is quite hard to capture. But believe you me, it is by far the best night-time mantel I ever had.

Paper houses Christmas mantel with a light star. Via



Well what do you think? Too white and bright for you for a Christmas mantel? Could you go without color? 

Does your mantel make you as happy as mine makes me?

I sure do hope so.

Well if you need a bit of color in your life after all this white, you might hop on over to my friends. I am sure they will provide you with plenty other ideas. 


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  1. LindaSonia says

    I L O V E it!!!!!!!!!! I would seriously like to duplicate something like this for myself. I’d love it if you’d share your detailed instructions with me.

    • says

      Thank you.

      Give me a few days until my series has ended and I will give you a complete tutorial, promised. I’ll have to make another house so I can photograph the steps. I was making it up as I went along so didn’t have time yet to document the steps.

  2. says

    Oh my goodness YES! Tutorial please! These are absolutely darling! Going to start collecting cartons up… I think they’d make an adorable nightlight cover in a dark little corner for any time of year! Beautiful project, Marianne!

  3. Janet S. says

    I love your houses. They look perfectly peaceful and so crisp and wintery. The all white decor would look wonderful all through winter. I can’t believe that two of the designs were once milk cartons. Amazing. Very well done.

  4. says

    Those are so sweet! Na, there can never be too much white Marianne, especially in these cold months….that’s precisely what I like about your style!

  5. Peggy Coffey says

    These are quite lovely. I made an entire village out of paper mache houses, but they are too big for my mantle. I look forward to your directions for making these.

  6. Jane says

    Your houses are beautiful! I love the whimsical drawing around the cutouts on some of them. Looking forward to your tutorial.

  7. Elise in San Francisco says

    I am so thrilled to have stumbled upon your blog. I immediately subscribed via email. I’d love a Little House tutorial – they are adorable.

    Wishing everyone the happiest of holidays!