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Twig Christmas Decorations. Day 2

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Howdie folks, Day 2 has arrived. The Christmas decorating continues. Today I am here to show you a little something something I cooked up to hang in front of our French windows.


how to make stars and candle sticks for Christmas with twigs and natural elements (3)


I couldn’t help it, I went for free, fun and funky again. I made star ornaments from twigs, branches and a little bark.

Want a closer look, then step up and come on in….



I think my twig stars look like a million bucks. Well  maybe not a million but they sure do look good and they were totally free. All it took was a couple of hours of crafting fun. Let’s look at each one in a close up shall we.


how to make stars and candle sticks for Christmas with twigs and natural elements (8)

They were all made by simply cutting twigs to size and attaching them in a star shape with yarn. If I get around to it, I’ll write the tutorial on how to make these soon. Not that you couldn’t figure it out yourself but I found some tricks along the way that I’d like to share. But for now let’s just relish in their good looks.


how to make stars and candle sticks for Christmas with twigs and natural elements (7)


One set of stars didn’t make that line up I put together in the collage. And that are these little bark stars. Not twigs, but they still fit in nicely. I happened to find a log of berk tree in the woods on one of our walks and the bark came right of. It was so thin I could cut it with scissors. I can’t decide if I like the silvery front better or the woodsy back. Good thing I don’t have to choose because these little ones are always slightly twisting and turning in front of the window.


You might have spotted another non-twiggy-star project up there…


how to make stars and candle sticks for Christmas with twigs and natural elements (2)


I made a twig candlestick, a woodland candle holder so to speak. I saw this one in a magazine and it looked mighty cute. The description said not much more than ‘tie sticks together to make a candle holder’, well it turned out a bit more complicated than that. But I figured it out, I’ll show you how to make your own twig candle stick later too. 


 how to make stars and candle sticks for Christmas with twigs and natural elements (5)


I love my woodsy, natural, homemade Christmas decorations. I love how they hang inside, in front of my window and bring the outdoors in. I love that I made them myself. Somehow Christmas decorations that are homemade just always have that little something extra. Maybe it is the potential to become sentimental memories, much more than any store bought, – there-are-millions-just-like-that –  ornaments ever could. 


how to make stars and candle sticks for Christmas with twigs and natural elements (1)


I also love that the natural colors of the wood, the rusticness (spell check tells me this is not a word, ah well) of the branches, and their earthly coloring goes so well with a little bling from Christmas balls and a touch of vintage from my haphazardly put together doily table cover. 


how to make stars and candle sticks for Christmas with twigs and natural elements (6)


Twigs and a bit of butcher’s twine, who would have thought…….


how to make stars and candle sticks for Christmas with twigs and natural elements (4) 

 Sticks and candles, and Christmas ornaments, and doilies…

What a combination!


how to make stars and candle sticks for Christmas with twigs and natural elements (3)


Yeah. I am loving it!

Hope you do too.


Don’t forget to go visit my friends and see what they have been up to for round 2, and see if you can hunt down that daily giveaway. 




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  1. Oh my… these are wonderful! I especially adore the candlestick idea! So beautiful!

  2. It’s always great to use items from the garden and outdoors ….can’t beat nature for a brilliant display!
    Bec x

    • Marianne Songbird says:

      Nope, nobody does decorating better than mother nature. I love using free stuff from outside for inside. ♥ Marianne

  3. Does Christmas ever get any better than free fun and funky? I am totally making these (after December 14….LOL)!

    Have a blessed and totally incredible day my wonderful friend!


    • Marianne Songbird says:

      I think you have enough Christmas decorations already LOL maybe make them next year.
      Thanks for the lovely compliments, keep them coming :-)

  4. Marianne love this project! Using nature for decor is always one of my favorites! It always adds charm and whimsy too! They look beautiful hanging on your window.I would keep those up the whole winter season !

  5. The star ornaments are simply beautiful, Marianne! I can’t wait til you give a tutorial. And the twig candlestick is amazing!


    • Marianne Songbird says:

      Thanks Jane, there really isn’t that much of a tutorial to write. But I’ll try to get it done soon.

  6. I LOVE these!
    I just made our star tree topper out of twigs, red dogwood and twine.
    Thanks for sharing!!!

    • Marianne Songbird says:

      Great minds think alike! I am sure your tree topper is beautiful. Have you blogged it yet? I’d love to see it.

  7. Ellie Van Caster says:

    I’m so enjoying this-thanks again.

  8. Love all the twiggy, rusticity. So beautiful. (Rusticity is the word for rusticness.) And then the c is an s sound. So English really doesn’t make sense!

    • Marianne Songbird says:

      Ah, that helps. To be honest though I think my rusticness sounds better than rusticity. Rusticity sounds posh and my twiggy ornaments are definitly not posh :-)
      And yes as a non-native English blogger, English really doesn’t make sense. So glad though that you get me anyway. ♥ Marianne

  9. Twigs, lace and a bit of bling…so unexpected and yet so beautiful!

  10. Love these! I love using natural elements.

  11. Your blog on what my third day is quickly becoming a favorite! Loved all your twig stars but I tried it at about your age–it looked so easy–and it all just fell apart. I look forward to your tutorial!!! I do believe the bling and rustic go with the birth of Christ. His birth? In a rustic manger…a star sparkling and shining brightly led the wise men. You have combined the two in perfect harmony. I alas could not find plain cheap white candles. All are battery. So ill improvise your idea using four white tapers I had, and an ornate white candle for Christmas Day. It’s raining and I’m in need of help to gather my greenery. But tonight my husband and I will reread the verses in Isaiah predicting our Messiahs coming, light a candle, sing a song, say a prayer and one for you as you bring Christ into your home this season of Advent.
    Thank you for the promise of twist tutorials.

    • Marianne Songbird says:

      Good morning Gwen, what a lovely and sweet comment you have given me on this first day of the week. Thank you so much. I wish you and your husband a wonderful Christmas time filled with love, warmth, creativity and faith.

  12. so the twig candlestick is amazing, and since the stars look like they could work for chanukah, i LOVE them, too.

  13. I have never tried this, but I am just loving those stars! Thanks for linking this to the Home for the Holidays party at Hyphen Interiors ~ I can’t wait to explore your blog some more!

    • Marianne Songbird says:

      He, you’ve got a Dutch first name. How nice. And you should really try this it really is so easy just cutting and threading and knotting. Anyone can do it.

  14. I just found your blog today on the lettered cottage Christmas Mantel Decorating. I have made some small twig stars, but I am now inspired to try a larger one. It is simply lovely.

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